Wearable Device Breaks The Smoking Habit

Wearable Device Breaks The Smoking Habit

SmartStop is an armband that cuts the craving for a smoke.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 25 june 2014

They say that it takes 30 days of doing something before it becomes a habit, which insinuates 30 days of not doing something would break the habit. When it comes to smoking, however, making it to that 30 day mark can seem all but impossible.

We all know smoking is bad for us, and however it was that you got started- it’s great if you’re trying to quit. The problem is finding a method that will work. Cold turkey is hardly ever an option, and ecigarettes may soon be banned in public places. So far nicotine replacement therapy has major flaws, the patch causes irritation and to properly use the gum many steps are involved. These cessation methods can not only be quite expensive to purchase, but it has also been debated that they are not successful in leading to a high long term quitting rate. This is likely because, until now, there has been no support system involved.

SmartStop is an electronic cigarette quitting device that takes nicotine replacement therapy to a new level. Worn on your arm, wrist, or torso, the device uses replaceable nicotine cartridges with programmable tailored timing and dose size to cater to each smoker’s individual cravings. So if you know you absolutely need a cigarette as soon as you get up, you can program a large dosage to be emitted at 7am. And if you like to have a cigarette after dinner but don’t always adhere, you can program a smaller dosage to be emitted at 8pm. In addition, using Bluetooth technology, people can employ a smartphone app to get real-time behavioral support from professionals and others who are committed to kicking the habit.

According to Chrono Therapeutics, who manufactures the device, studies show that the wearable can increase long term cessation success up to 60%. Like the guidance a dieter would receive in a Weight Watchers meeting, this online community component makes it clear that there are many benefits to using the world’s first digital nicotine replacement therapy system. Though wearable tech has become an essential part of fitness tracking, SmartStop proves there are alternative uses that could have a big impact on society.

Chrono Therapeutics

[h/t] Gizmag


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