Who Are The Trendsetters Driving The Future Of Video?

A group of young trendsetters are shaping the success of online video sharing.

The rate at which new online social platforms for sharing pictures and video are being developed has accelerated dramatically over the past few years. Whether one wants to share with their friends where they have been, what they have been eating or what their pets are up to, there is probably a specialized platform for that. The success of these spaces can be boiled down to one thing, the users. How quickly people flock to and engage with new online platforms is critical to their success, particularly when it comes to the early adopter demographic.

In collaboration with the minds behind The Curve Report from NBCUniversal Content Innovation Agency, PSFK is investigating how specific sets of users can make or break the success of video platforms.


Source, The Curve Report

The critical role these early followers play is part of the larger trend of V.I.T.s discussed in The Curve Report. V.I.T.s, or Video Innovation Trendsetters, are a select group of pioneers who are crucial to the success of new sharing platforms. Accounting for about 14 percent of the general population, V.I.T.s represent a very specific group of Gen Xers and Ys who are not only avid consumers of video, but also the first to experiment with new platforms, and create, upload, and share content. They were the first to embrace the 6-second format of Vine, fund projects on Kickstarter, and are no strangers to grabbing a GoPro when the occasion calls. In short, Video Innovation Trendsetters are the VIPs of video, and a crucial demographic for any online platform.

In order to get a better sense of who these people are, The Curve Report asked a range of representative V.I.T.s to document how they interact with video on a daily basis, from Vine binges to talking with family via video apps. The following is a snapshot of what a day in the life of a V.I.T. looks like, and just why they have such an impact.


Source, The Curve Report

According to data from The Curve Report, Forty-four percent of V.I.T.s have used Vine or Instagram Video, compared with 20 percent of the general population. Furthermore, fifty-seven percent of V.I.T.s would pay for an educational lecture or an academic course, and 55 percent would pay for a how-to video on a skill they’d like to learn – considerably higher than the rest of the world.


Source, The Curve Report

Whatever new platforms may be on the horizon, we can be sure that their success will rely upon this select group of individuals who see value in new platforms early on, and jump in as the first to create, upload, and share content. These Video Innovation Trendsetters are an integral piece of the puzzle in determining which platforms ultimately succeed and which fall by the wayside.

For a closer look at the future of video, be sure to head over to The Curve Report and V.I.T.s, which takes an in-depth look at how a select group of followers are helping to set the big trends in video.