Starter Kits Sprout Gardens in Abandoned Plots, on Sunny Skyscrapers

Garden supplies company ships seasonal boxes and packs for your urban terrace.

Seed Pantry provides gardeners of all experience and location boxes that kick off their vegetable patch Рfrom the allotment or shared municipal garden, to a patch of land outside your apartment to the window box on the 21st floor.  Spotted by the PSFK team at the recent Grow London show, we noticed how different boxes allow for different tastes too Рyou could get different vegetables depending on what you like


Started in the UK in 2009, the garden supplies company offers seasonal boxes, kits for children and packs for putting on your urban terrace. The founders say that they want everyone to enjoy the rewards of nature and to learn about growing their own vegetables to eat wherever they live.


Seed Pantry