Backpack Unfolds Into Waterproof Jacket

Backpack Unfolds Into Waterproof Jacket

The Funnell will keep you dry in unexpected rainstorms.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 july 2014

There are some backpacks that come with a rain cover that users can pull out from a small pocket at the bottom and pull over their backpacks to keep their stuff dry during the rain. The rain cover keeps the backpack dry, but not the user.

That is where Funnell comes in handy. Funnell is a waterproof backpack and jacket in one that helps protect the user and keep their bag dry during inclement weather.

Developed by Hong Kong-based company Restless Travellers, the Funnell backpack was specially designed to keep cyclists dry during unexpected rainstorms. The backpack comes with an easy-to-use mechanism that lets riders pull out a built-in jacket and transform the backpack into a waterproof jacket during rainy weather. The product offers a quick solution to trying to stay dry in regions with unpredictable or rain-riddled weather.


Funnell comes in a contemporary design to suit everyone’s lifestyles. It can be used by sports enthusiasts, travelers, city dwellers, and basically anyone who wants to be prepared in rainy weather. There are currently three designs – City, Sport, and Extreme. Funnell City suits urban dwellers who need a smart and business-appropriate bag that has enough space for their laptop and other things. Funnell Sport is for people who travel light or engage in outdoor activities. Extreme is smaller, made of carbon, and suits those who want a light backpack during bike rides.

All three versions come with a built-in computer case so users can store their laptops safely, although Extreme has smaller case and fits slim laptops and tablets. Funnel has a back protection panel for added protection for the bag and extra comfort for the wearer. The backpack comes with adjustable waist straps to keep it secure when worn. It also has a drainage system that allows owners to store their wet jacket inside the backpack when they don’t have the time or opportunity to take it out to dry. The drainage system helps dry the wet jacket and keeps it from getting anything inside the bag wet.

Funnell is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. which are now currently nearing $22,500 with 51 days to go to achieve their $40K goal. A Funnell backpack started at $188 and $198 for early backers but said backers can still pre-order a Funnel backpack for $238 and expect the product to ship in December this year. The campaign ends August 31st.

Check out the Kickstarter video for Funnell below.

Restless Travellers


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