Short Film Seamlessly Incorporates 68 Emojis into Daily Lives


'Emoji Among Us' is a spoof nature documentary narrated in the style of Sir David Attenborough

Vashti Hallissey
  • 21 july 2014

A new film takes a lighthearted look at the way Emojis have taken over the world. By populating documentary footage with 68 cute smileys and symbols, it shows that there is an Emoji for every situation.

Created by Dissolve, which provides HD stock video footage for visual storytellers, the video was inspired by Able Parris’s #emojidaydream project.

Jon Parker, Brand Director of Dissolve, tells PSFK:

Able’s images tend to be more surreal and fantastical, so I thought, what if we made them very matter-of-fact, as if Emoji were just an everyday occurrence in our daily lives? That’s how the ‘documentary’ angle came about.

The film begins with an Emoji sunrise and goes onto explain how Emojis have become “part of the fabric of our society”. Its witty tone is helped by dramatic music and Sir David Attenborough-style narration by longtime BBC announcer James Gillies.

Parker believes there are a few reasons behind the success of Emojis:

First, obviously, is that they’ve become easily accessible via keyboards on mobile devices. Secondly, because they make us smile. When you receive a text or tweet with emoji in it you know the sender took a little extra time to choose that character, or maybe combined characters in a creative and surprising way. So they’re like little gifts we send to each other.

While it has a tongue-in-cheek tone, the film makes a salient point: Emojis are everywhere at the moment. They are a hugely popular communication device, especially since 250 new icons were introduced earlier this year. They are being used to summarize episodes of Breaking Bad, to inject humor into iconic works of art and being recreated in real-life to comic effect.

Parker adds that in the future, groups will develop Emojis that only they can understand:

I imagine different demographic and interest groups creating pictographic slang and jargon that people outside those groups won’t easily understand. It seems that has already begun among teens and other heavy texters.


He also sees Emojis as taking us back to a picture-based form of language:

I was wondering if this is the start of a long transition, like maybe centuries-long, of languages moving back to more pictographic forms. We thought Chinese had lots of characters… maybe we ain’t seen nothing yet!

At PSFK, we are already beginning to see this happen as Emojis go beyond the realm of entertainment and into education, search and social networking. They are now are helping teachers to bridge the language gap with foreign students, showing the mood of people around the world and creating a more convenient form of search. Die-hard fans can even sign up for the Emoji-only social network, Emojili.

Emoji Among Us shows two of the simplest reasons why these cute icons are so popular as they offer a visual shorthand that anyone can understand and, most importantly, they make us smile.



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