Retrospective On Shantell Martin’s First Solo Museum Show

Retrospective On Shantell Martin’s First Solo Museum Show

The Brooklyn-based artist shows off her signature black & white style at MoCADA

Nestor Bailly, PSFK

PSFK friend and artist extraordinaire Shantell Martin has just wrapped her first solo museum show at MoCADA in Brooklyn, where she took over the whole gallery space with her unique illustrations that explore visual narrative and identity.

Entitled ‘ARE YOU YOU’ and curated by Isissa Komada-John, the show had Martin’s drawings all over the walls and objects within the space, and attendees could become a part of the exhibit by lending their bodies as canvases for her creations.

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The live art space became a yoga studio, drawing workshop and conversation space during the exhibition, where the local community could engage with Martin’s work (and with the artist herself when she was in the gallery drawing) over the course of months.



“Was a really great experience having a my work live in a space for a few months and working on programming around it,” Martin told me. Except for commissioned works  (like on the wall in the PSFK office), much of her art is temporary, drawn on large sheets of paper so this was a unique opportunity for her to have an enduring public space to create in. 

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Last Sunday the show got painted over, but the lines and words will live on in the walls and minds of people who experienced the show. You can see a reverse time-lapse of the paint over below.

Check out Martin’s website, and follow her on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram for the latest on her work.

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