Tara Reid Creates ‘Sharknado’-Themed Perfume


One of the world's most ridiculous movies now has its own fragrance

Ross Brooks
  • 11 august 2014

Sharknado is a movie starring Ian Ziering and Tara Reid that simply put… is terrible. The strange thing is that because it’s so terrible, it’s hilarious, and has attracted a huge cult following. Riding the coattails of its unexpected success, the actress has decided to launch a light and refreshing perfume called “Shark.” Hit the jump to find out why the actress thought the movie would be a permanent end to her career.

Here’s an official description of the fragrance:

Shark by Tara perfume is a complex scent with three different levels of nodes that embrace our fresh, light, and fun feel. Our top-level node is clad with iced mint, violetand lemon, while our middle node is complete with jasmine, tuberoseand muguet. The last dry node is cool blue rose, amber and musk.

Made with a plethora of “lavender” colored flowers, which also happen to be Reid’s favorite color, the perfume is “perfect for day-to-day wear.”

As for why Tara refused to promote the movie when it was released on Syfy, it all has to do with the name. Originally, it was called “Dark Skies,” which according to Digital Spy made Tara think, “Okay, it’s not gonna sound so bad on my resume… it’ll be fine.” But just before its scheduled release, the name was changed to Sharknado, to which Tara responded, “Oh my God, this is it! My career is over.”

That being said, her career never ended, and the film defied all odds to become something of a cult classic. Thinking like a savvy businesswoman, Tara decided the best thing to do was capitalize on the very unexpected success, which is why we now have a perfume inspired by flying sharks. Head over Tara Reid’s website where you can buy the perfume for $24.95, and check out the trailer below for Sharknado 2: The Second One if you want to have your reality challenged.

Tara Reid

[h/t] Jezebel

Images by Sharknado



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