What Type Of Maker Are You?

Learn your kind then dive into the new Maker’s Manual from PSFK powered by Intel.

PSFK’s just-released Maker’s Manual explores how everyone from do- it-yourselfers and artists to inventors and entrepreneurs are leveraging new tools, platforms and services to take their ideas from dream to prototype to reality. We take an in-depth look at each of the key trends in the Maker Movement, bringing them to life with best-in-class examples and constructing unique user experience paths for readers to navigate the manual based on their level of involvement in the Maker Movement.

Created in collaboration with Intel, the interactive manual identifies five ‘types’ of Makers and asks its readers to self identify, as well as think about what they might want to ‘do’ with their project.

But before you dive right in – maybe it’s time to decide, what type of Maker are you?

The DIYer
You’ve probably been told you should ‘put it on Kickstarter’, and definitely have a history of tinkering, building, and crafting. While you won’t necessarily quit your day job, making is a personal passion. You’re curious about the new tools out there and interested in expanding on your repertoire or adding a new twist to a familiar skill set.

The Self- Learner
‘I can probably fix that’ might as well be your calling card and your next project is never far from top of mind. Watching how-to videos and swapping tips with on your favorite forums is a perfect way to spend an evening. You’re never afraid to try out your newest skills, and find yourself most engaged in a hands-on, educational setting. While you may not consider yourself a ‘maker’ just yet, you’ve always found value in craftsmanship and feel compelled to understand the emerging digital tools you use everyday.

The Educator
People naturally seek you out for advice on the practicalities of advice because you seem to have all the answers, and a story to boot. You have a knack for explaining things and take great pleasure from helping others and watching both them and their projects grow. You’re particularly interested in finding digital resources that can show how subjects like science, math and design can be brought to life in creative applications that make everyday life better (and more fun).

The Pro-Maker
You’ve got some serious making skills and openly embrace emerging technologies like 3D printers for their ability to add scale and efficiencies to your process. You’re equally comfortable operating a table saw or writing a line of code, and are constantly expanding upon the available tools at your disposal. You find yourself pushing past the edges of what’s possible, and know multiple failures are an essential part of creating anything worthwhile.

The Entrepreneur
‘Can we scale it?’ you may ask from time to time because something this great needs to be made available to everyone. You’re adept at picking up industry trends and using those insights to inform things you make – all with an eye towards maximizing the bottom line. On your path to building the next big thing, nothing moves quite fast enough so you’re always looking for workarounds to get you access to the funding and facilities needed to create a sustainable business, not just a product.

Now that you’ve identified yourself, go ahead and decide what you might want to do?

Learn It
Master the emerging skill sets of the 21st century by taking advantage of pre-prepared instructional kits, P2P educational resources and collaborative maker spaces.

Prototype It
Produce a working model of your creation and quickly iterate through multiple versions to fine tune its design, using digital toolsets that take your ideas from the pages of your notebook into the real world.

Program It
Expand upon the functionality of your prototype by connecting it to the web, creating a dynamic product that interact with other people, platforms, and things.

Scale It
Tap into the right resources from funding to manufacturing to expertise to get your product ready to reach the wider marketplace.

Sell It
Get your product into the hands of more people by taking advantage of new retail platforms and brand partnerships, and give your creation the spotlight it deserves.

Know your type? Know what you need to do? Now learn more about the key ideas changing the Maker Movement in our new report. We hope you find inspiration and innovation that you can leverage and share with friends, colleagues and your community.