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Concert Hall Pavilion Blends Space, Light, Video, Music

Concert Hall Pavilion Blends Space, Light, Video, Music

Didzis Jaunzems Architecture's design aims to create a complete aural experience in order to point out to inhabitants their surrounding beauty

Leah Gonzalez

Designers from Didzis Jaunzems Architecture (DJA) have created a stunning pavilion for this year’s Nature’s Concert Hall, an annual event that aims to connect people with the environment by educating them on sustainability and how to take care of it.

The annual event, which was held in the Gauja National Park in Latvia, is described as a multi-media event that incorporates music, art, dramaturgy, and science to educate people about the environment.

According to DJA, they designed the concert hall pavilion as “an art object that unifies all main atmosphere making components of the event – space, light, video and music.” The pavilion was designed to bring the attention of the participants to the natural beauty around them.

The pavilion can accommodate a 20-person academic symphonic chamber orchestra as well as the Nature Concert Hall music band under its roof. The structure has a unique angular design and constructed in a way that it only has minimal contact with the ground. That is, the entire structure touches the earth on four points.


The walls of the structure are elevated and covered with vertical panels of fabric that can rotate to open or close. The fabric panels give the structure various textures and appearances when viewed from different perspectives on the outside. When opened, they help enhance the acoustics of the structure and allow the sounds to reach farther from the pavilion. When closed, they serve as a screen for projections and light shows during the performances.

Aside from the concert hall pavilion, the designers at DJA were also commissioned to design a workshop hall for the event. The workshop was designed in a similar manner, with rotating vertical bars of fabric for the walls and an angular ceiling design.

More images of the concert hall pavilion and the workshop can be found on DJA’s website.

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