Choose Your Own Startup Adventure

Choose Your Own Startup Adventure

Live out your fantasy as a gutsy, startup entrepreneur in Jason Shen's text-based choose-your-own-adventure game

Laura Yan

StartupAdventure is a choose-your-own-adventure game where your quest is to find startup success and end up a billionaire.

While most choose-your-own-adventure games have end goals that range from escaping danger to fighting for romance, in this version, you’ll be vying for the health of your company. You’ll make business decisions from how you deal with the irritating guy in charge to which app to develop (only the mobile app is playable as a storyline, currently; the other option is still in development), and picking investors and expansion strategy (international development or enterprise communication?).


StartupAdventure feels like it could e a fun, interactive business class. The modern and simple graphics are charming. The storyline is surprisingly realistic. Taking risks don’t always pay off, and sometime your path seems too obvious. For instance, when choosing which investor to fund your baby company, the “hip” angel investor with the lower budget will be more rewarding than the MBA with plenty of cash but who is out for you (and your company’s) soul.

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Instead of a health bar, your startup status is a series of changing emojis, hinging on the financial: from “hanging in there” to “top of the world” to “squatting in an abandoned building, please send food.”

The first time I played through the game, I ended up bankrupt, living off of the generosity of parents and friends, to spend a whole life regretting the bad decisions I made. In the game (much like in the real world), startup life is filled with surprises and precarious decisions with sometimes devastating consequences. Success is difficult to come by.

Jason Shen, the game’s developer, is a blogger and product manager for enterprise marketing software (and of course, a startup veteran). See how you’d fare, and take the first step into your own startup adventure.


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