Urban Beardsmen of Europe Photographed to Promote UK Brand Launch

The most stylish facial hair sporters captured in series for ‘Urban Beardsman’ magazine

Curious about what the beards of European men might look that? While there are probably several Tumblrs dedicated to that very topic, Urban Beardsman magazine has launch their own photography series capturing the beards of Europe to celebrate the launch of their grooming brand, Beardbrand, in the UK.


Photographer Tommy Cairns is traveling around Europe, capturing beards of all sorts of color and length to celebrate the brand’s new presence in the UK. Even his own silver beard was captured (in the header image) for the magazine.


Beardbrand originally began in Oregon in 2012, when its founder Eric Bandholz decided to launch a blog to celebrate the lifestyle of a beaded gentleman. The blog expanded to YouTube and Tumblr, before becoming the beard care products brand that it is today.

As demand around the globe has grown, Beardbrand found the need to launch a fulfillment centre in Europe. Settling in Belfast, Beardbrand has now launched their UK/EU online shop, which will make it a lot easier for the beardmen of Europe to get the care they need without the hefty custom duties.

While the Urban Beardsman will continue to profile awesome beards around the US, the European Beardsman will do the same for their brethren across the pond. Explains the site:

We are working with talent from all over Europe to profile European beardsmen and tell the stories of their cities, countries, and cultures. As we grow we plan on bringing items to the market specifically designed for the tastes of Europeans.

Look out for Tommy Cairns series of photos of European beardsmen, which will be going up daily on the magazine’s site, as well as on its Tumblr and Instagram during the coming weeks.

Urban Beardsman

Photography: Tommy Cairns for Urban Beardsman