7 Stories You Need To Know Today

The $30 phone user experience, The Year of Outrage and a new sales channel from the brains behind Seamless

Buzzfeed’s Charlie Warzel calls Autcraft – a Minecraft server that caters exclusively to children, young adults, and parents of children with autism and Asperger’s – the best place on the Internet (Buzzfeed)

What the Internet looks like from a $30 phone, a high-end feature phone likely to surge as the forecasted 500-900 million people start using the internet (Quartz)

Philadelphia plans to build a world-class velodrome, San Diego’s future highway and transit network plan hangs in the balance, and an independent membership library in Rhode Island that has stood the tests of time (CityLab)

An incredibly detailed chart of The Year of Outrage, spotlighting the maddening events of 2014, from David Brooks column on smoking pot to the Sony hack (Slate)

How do you “email” hardware to space? Made In Space, Inc. details the journey, from the ground to the International Space Station (Backchannel)

What it will take for virtual reality to appeal to the mainstream market (CNet)

A new sales channel – Shop Spot – will let you purchase a product directly from any media source (PYMNTS)

Insight into the game plan behind Airbnb’s mobile web experience redesign (Gigaom)