Alan Khanukaev

Alan Khanukaev

Search Engine Donates All Click Profits To Charity

Paper Microscope Folds Up Like Origami

Automated Venetian Blinds Will Close When It Gets Sunny

  • 19 february 2014
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App Uses Smartphone Lock Screen To Poll Users

Service Automatically Fights Parking Tickets For Car Owners

Furniture Collection Puts Design Choices In The Hands Of The Owner [Pics]

Pizza Hut Converts Delivery Boxes Into Augmented-Reality Ad Space [Video]

Ballpoint Pen Draws Electronic Circuits With Conductive Ink [Video]

Workspace Lets Your Charge Your Gadgets By Pedaling

Fashion Forward Phone Bracelet Only Lets In Calls From VIP Contacts

How Small Changes Can Help Revive U.S. Manufacturing [Video]

Fantasy Football Tool Lets Players Crowdsource Potential Picks [Video]

Mirror Manipulates Reflections To Display Different Emotions

Airbnb For Hotels Lets Strangers Split Room Costs

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