Alan Khanukaev

Alan Khanukaev

Technology june 2, 2014

Search Engine Donates All Click Profits To Charity

Sleio aims to change the world one search at a time by donating 100% of revenue generated through users' clicks.

Mobile february 19, 2014

Automated Venetian Blinds Will Close When It Gets Sunny

Jalousier is a smart device that aims to save you time and money by adding your window dressing to the ever-expanding internet-of-things.

Innovation february 4, 2014

App Uses Smartphone Lock Screen To Poll Users

Twitch aims to simplify crowdsourced data collection by taking advantage of our phone-checking compulsions.

Work january 27, 2014

Service Automatically Fights Parking Tickets For Car Owners

Recently launched app, Fixed, will contest parking tickets with minimal effort from the offender.

Sustainability january 2, 2014

Furniture Collection Puts Design Choices In The Hands Of The Owner [Pics]

Designer, Michael Bernard, has developed a line of minimalist furniture consisting of basic components that are easily customizable.

Gaming & Play january 2, 2014

Pizza Hut Converts Delivery Boxes Into Augmented-Reality Ad Space [Video]

The restaurant chain has partnered with Xbox One to release an interactive pizza box with exclusive content.

Innovation november 26, 2013

Ballpoint Pen Draws Electronic Circuits With Conductive Ink [Video]

Instead of regular ink, Circuit Scribe uses conductive silver allowing you to instantly create a fully functioning circuit.

Work november 18, 2013

Workspace Lets Your Charge Your Gadgets By Pedaling

Pedal Power produces stationary, pedal-powered machines that can be configured to run a multitude of devices.

Technology november 5, 2013

Fashion Forward Phone Bracelet Only Lets In Calls From VIP Contacts

Wearable device links to your smart phone and notifies you when specific people try to get in touch.

Retail august 26, 2013

How Small Changes Can Help Revive U.S. Manufacturing [Video]

Social project seeks to bring over one million jobs to the economy simply through slight shifts in consumer buying habits.

Technology august 19, 2013

Fantasy Football Tool Lets Players Crowdsource Potential Picks [Video]

Hitpost's new app lets you draft a better team by reaching out to your network for suggestions.

Work july 29, 2013

Mirror Manipulates Reflections To Display Different Emotions

Researchers in Japan have developed a technology that uses computer generated emotions to alter mood.

Luxury july 19, 2013

Airbnb For Hotels Lets Strangers Split Room Costs

Easynest connects individual travelers and allows them to save money on accommodation by sharing a room.

IoT july 9, 2013

Sensor Egg Tray Keeps Count Of How Many Are Left [Pics]

The Egg Minder is a container that connects to your smartphone and keeps track of freshness and quantity.


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