Alice Chan

Alice Chan

Alice Chan is a contributing writer to PSFK. Her interests include traveling, fashion, sports, and technology.

Design & Architecture december 21, 2012

Café Walls Rise And Fall Depending On The Weather

Cadogan Café opens and closes its glazed, glass walls in response to outdoor conditions.

Innovation december 20, 2012

Rhino Horns Injected With Poison Prevent Poaching

This wildlife conservation project injects a permanent dye into rhino horns to deter and track poachers.

Technology december 19, 2012

Robotic Sales Staff Find Perfect Pair Of Jeans In Less Than 60 Seconds

Shoppers at Hointer scan a QR code to have their items delivered to the fitting room by speedy robots.

Technology december 19, 2012

USB ‘Key’ Remembers Every Computer Password

The 'Aladdin Key' stores and generates all your passwords so users don't even have to type them in.

Sustainability december 18, 2012

No Need For Winter At Denmark's Architectural Indoor Ski Slopes

Skidome will become the world's largest indoor ski park complete with over 2 miles of hills.

Work december 18, 2012

Robotic Mannequins Transform Into Posing Models

In South Korea and Japan, human-like figures are making their debuts inside store windows.

Advertising december 17, 2012

Agency's Holiday Card Is Also A Reindeer Racing Video Game

VML Australia lets any compete with people around the world through Facebook.

Retail december 17, 2012

Twitter For Shopping Shows What Friends Are Buying

Mine is a social network that shows your connections' recent purchases in the form of a live feed.

Gaming & Play december 14, 2012

Wake Up Earlier By Competing Against Friends

This "merciless" app makes waking up a fun, social experience.

Work december 13, 2012

Compact Urban EV Forces Driver And Passengers To Stand

Swiss car visionary revolutionizes urban traffic with small vehicles.

Mobile december 12, 2012

Microchip Gives Phones X-Ray Vision

A silicon device inside of a mobile phone enables anyone to search for harmful material, drugs, or even health diagnoses.

Sustainability december 11, 2012

Gravity-Powered Light Could Provide Light In Developing Countries

GravityLight is an innovative solution for storing energy, powered by adding weight to the product.

Cities december 11, 2012

Bakery Stamps Production Time Directly On Bread To Ensure Freshness

Pressbyran introduces a unique way to show customers just how fresh their breads are with a time stamp baked directly onto them.

Design & Architecture december 7, 2012

Compostable Filter Cleans Water With Recycled Coconut Shells

The Soma filter is a completely biodegradable filtration system with a sleek minimalist design.


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