Anna Brillon

Anna Brillon

Proud to be a geek, this mommy enjoys all things tech-savvy and challenging. Her expertise is in science and technology, and she has been writing online since 2005. Based in the Philippines, she works in business development and management.

Design & Architecture october 18, 2011

Broadway Alley Gives Wannabe Stars A Moment In The Spotlight

'The Performer' is a dynamic 'auto-affirmation' art piece by Adam Frank.

Arts & Culture october 18, 2011

Recently Sold John Lennon Artwork Allegedly Altered by Yoko Ono

The music legend's widow has been accused of making changes to his original artwork.

Technology october 8, 2011

Toshiba TV Ad Now Holds Guinness World Record

Using sophisticated filming and post-production technology, a UK studio proudly put its name in the record books.

Cities october 8, 2011

Urban OS Controls Future Cities Like Computers

In the future, cities will be efficiently run and monitored by one operating system.

IoT october 7, 2011

Special Bike Paints Chinese Calligraphy Like A Giant Dot Matrix Printer

Multimedia artist Nicholas Hanna brings a high-tech twist to a classic Chinese art form.

Technology october 7, 2011

Tributes To Steve Jobs Spread Like Wildfire

News of the Apple CEO's passing sparked tons of reactions from web users around the world.

Advertising october 6, 2011

Using Photo Techniques Of Yesteryear In Today’s Modern Age

Michael Shindler employs old-school tintype photography to create one-of-a-kind portraits.

Arts & Culture october 6, 2011

Street Signs Can Speak A Secret Language

Street artist Clet Abraham transforms regular street signs into religious art

Gaming & Play october 6, 2011

SportSense Determines Most Exciting NFL Games Based On Fan Tweets

Engineers came up with a program that monitors game stats and fan reactions by analyzing Twitter updates.

Innovation october 6, 2011

Various Facets Of Detroit City Life Filmed On A Train

'People Mover' combines different art forms, all of which were filmed and performed on Detroit's train.

Work october 5, 2011

Central Park Comes To Life On Map Of Manhattan Bookshelf

This New York office space has a wall that features the city landmark made out of real living plants.

Mobile october 5, 2011

College Students Make New Connections With Yapik

Net Element launched a pilot social networking site that helps college students find what they need within their campuses.

Innovation october 5, 2011

The Supermarket Of The Future Can Grow Its Own Food

The Netherlands envisions farms of the future to grow all food types to sustain the needs of its cities.

Retail october 5, 2011

Paypal Pop-Up Store Is Coming Soon To Manhattan

Merchants will be able to drop by the temporary outpost to learn about the newest online payment technologies they can use.


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