Aurora Diaz

Aurora Diaz

What If All Bags Were Compostable?

(Pics) “There Is A Basic Human Need For Real, Analog And Touchable Things”

(Pic) Natural Humidifier Works Without Power

New Type Of Glass Cleans Polluted Water

(Pic) Karl Lagerfeld’s Luxury Motorcycle Helmets

Project Odysseus Allows Virtual Surgery Practice On 3D Models

London To Open Online Datastore

  • 7 january 2010
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(Pics) A Storytelling Space: Outdoor Fireplace By Haugen/Zohar

Skype Calls Now Available On Your TV

American Apparel Explores Nail Color Territory

CNNExpansion Writes About PSFK’s “Good Brands Report 2009”

All White Stationary Store Opens In Sydney

The Play Ground, Play Table

(Pics) Interactive Installation Art In An Empty Retail Space

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