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Plus Aziz

+Aziz has been a regular contributor to PSFK since 2009. He relocated from NYC to New Orleans in 2014 to join Peter Mayer's strategy & planning department and develop his music career. His articles tend to cover global culture, entertainment industry, branding and the arts.

Retail august 30, 2016

Mobile Travel App Embraces Cognitive Computing

The Orlando Tourism Board is looking to IBM Watson to provide personalized local recommendations for visitors

Culture june 1, 2016

Milestone Performance Brings Together AI And Human Musicianship

After 12 years in the making, a technology project showcases how robots can make for great bandmates

Advertising may 24, 2016

Levis and Google Are Making Interactive Denim A Reality

Levi's and Google bring seamless connectivity to denim lovers

Culture may 24, 2016

How Technology Opens New Possibilities For Musical Experiences

This festival shifts how we explore the intersection of music and technology

Culture may 23, 2016

What A 30th Generation Winemaker Can Teach Us About Our Prison System

A heritage brand has dedicated itself to solving recidivism in Italian prisons

Retail may 4, 2016

How Target Plans To Leapfrog Other Food Grocers

This retailer is tapping entrepreneurs to improve transparency and bolster trust

Technology april 25, 2016

How Programming Could Democratize Genetics

Biological engineers develop programming language to more rapidly design DNA

Technology april 25, 2016

Photo Album Mixes Still And Moving Content

Startup introduces a Harry Potter-like interactive photo album for cherished photos and videos

Cities april 20, 2016

Could Future Cities Be Powered By Bioluminescent Bacteria?

A bold startup points to a post-electricity future for our planet

Automotive april 19, 2016

Nissan Gets Creative Testing A Mind-Reading Electric Car

Participants in Japan put on brain scanners to go on a hands-free test drive

Travel april 11, 2016

How Airlines Are Reimagining In-Flight Entertainment

Singapore Airlines' app enables customers to customize inflight content before take off

Technology april 6, 2016

How Content Diversity Will Mature Virtual Reality Experiences

Festivals and VR pioneers are laying down significant ground rules for the VR landscape

Technology april 6, 2016

How HoloLens Will Shape Brand Opportunities Through Mixed Reality

Microsoft is nurturing a community through projects with NASA, Cannes and others

Technology april 5, 2016

How The Sony R&D Team Is Sourcing Innovation In The Internet Of Things

Tech brand is surfacing an expansive number of device designs


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