Caleb Kramer

Caleb Kramer

Technology march 16, 2011

National Geographic Lets Fans Find Real Treasures In Tiny World

Deeplocal has partnered with the organization to build an innovative "real-world application" for fans to explore.

IoT april 20, 2010

The Proximeter: An Instrument For Ambient Social Proximity Awareness

MIT masters student John Kestner has conceptualized the Proximeter, an instrument that takes location data and presents it in a meaningful way.

Mobile april 15, 2010

Postcode Wars: London Is Your Game Board With Nike GRID

Recently, popular apps like MyTown, Gowalla, and Foursquare have turned life into a game. Underneath this is a deeper cultural trend towards expressing oneself and exploring in public spaces.

Retail january 15, 2010

Nike Does Local-Social With 'True City' for iPhone

Nike is giving us their taste in mobile marketing with True City, an iPhone app with the tagline 'Making the hidden visible.' It combines social elements with current mobile technologies to create a next-gen city and travel guide for six European cities.

Technology january 5, 2010

Shark-Triggered SMS Alerts Present Life Guards With Ambient Awareness

Scientists in Western Australia have tagged over 70 great white sharks for a trial that will send beach lifesavers a text message when one gets too close to shore.

Design & Architecture december 17, 2009

Mag+ Conceptualizes the Future of Digital Magazines

Through joint efforts, London's BERG and Bonier R&D have been designing the future of digital publishing.

Work december 15, 2009

Samsung Seeds Mobile Charging Stations Across America's Future

Samsung recently announced that it will be installing mobile charging stations across several major American universities.

Sustainability december 10, 2009

FedEx Embraces Environmental Sensors With SenseAware

fedex senseaware FedEx is making its move into the Internet of Things with a new package tracking service under the name SenseAware.

Cities september 21, 2009

The Long Tail of Coffee Adds To Starbucks' Identity Crisis

Over the past year we’ve noticed experimentation in Starbucks’ marketing, a reflection of an identity crisis in the industry as “mass-market powerhouses” McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts use the recession to rise from below. On the opposite front gourmet coffee startups are beginning to present the premium quality Starbucks once used as its primary selling point.

Cities september 16, 2009

(Infographic) The Most Frugal Cities In America

Mint, the newly acquired financial startup, crunches user data to reveal which American cities cut spending the most in 2009.

Retail september 16, 2009

(Pics) Selfridges London Displays ABCs of the Future

To celebrate 100 years of existence, Selfridges London put products from a century into the future on window display. Each object was assigned a letter and formed the ABCs of tomorrow.

Technology september 15, 2009

Brands Buy Media To Save Consumers From Advertising

Dropping a total of $2.2 million dollars, South Korea's Hyundai Card has bought out all media space in the newly opened subway station just outside their building.

Design & Architecture september 14, 2009

Robotic Lawn Mower Affects Human-Machine Relationship

New York City Hall is testing a robotic lawn mower that is able to self steer and charge its own battery. Having the potential to relieve union workers of their current responsibilities, it could be a new page in the human-machine relationship.

Arts & Culture september 8, 2009

(Pics) Artist Re-Imagines Suburbia

Contributing to the discourse taking place around the state of the suburb artist Ross Racine has created a series of fictional renderings.


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