Lara Piras

Lara Piras

Sustainability march 4, 2015

Marvel at Paris Under Your Feet with See-Through Eiffel Tower

Landmark introduces wind turbines, a rainwater collection system, and direct view of Parisian ground below

Technology march 2, 2015

Twerking Becomes Its Own Instrument

The Booty Drum taps into the dance phenomenon of the century via device that creates music while you twerk

Home february 6, 2015

IKEA’s Bespoke Kitchen Designs Help Customers Optimize Culinary Space

Swedish interiors firm launches SEKTION, a way for consumers to fulfil their desire to completely personalize spaces

Retail february 3, 2015

Neiman Marcus Interactive Tables are Showcase Marvels

Touchscreen technologies bridge gap between digital and physical concepts in luxury department stores

Mobile march 27, 2014

Mobile Messaging App Lets People Chat Off The Grid

Firechat uses wireless mesh technology to connect people, even when there's no Wi-Fi or cell service to be found.

Technology march 12, 2014

Instagram Data Ranks World’s Countries By Number Of Selfies [Pics]

TIME analyzes data from the social network to find the most self-obsessed cities.


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