Rachel Pincus

Rachel Pincus

Arts & Culture december 16, 2015

Paint Surreal Apparitions Using Only the Power of Words

What creative possibilities could be opened up by thinking verbally—and then feeding that thinking to an AI system?

Mobile january 13, 2015

MakerBot’s New Composite Materials Offer 3D Printed Realism

Market leader releases new PLA-based filaments with limestone, maplewood, bronze and iron properties

Work january 12, 2015

Office Bubble Offers Gymnasium For The Mind

Orrb is a health chamber you can climb into during the work week

Luxury march 17, 2014

Smartphone Printer Creates Physical Copies Of Digital Images [Video]

This miniature printer places photos in the palm of your hand in less than 60 seconds.

Technology march 14, 2014

A Startup Is Printing Customized Books Of Personal Facebook Interactions

A new service hopes to help you remember your finest chats with friends and lovers.

Advertising march 12, 2014

Legal Marijuana PSAs Warn Against Stoned Driving [Video]

This tongue-in-cheek Colorado campaign draws upon some well-baked experience.

Home march 12, 2014

Shapes Translated Into Sounds Help The Blind See

Synaesthesia has a very practical use for one Dutch engineer.


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