Tiffany Nesbit

Tiffany Nesbit

Victoria’s Secret Chatting App Ensures Instantaneous Customer Satisfaction

Clothes Explore the Electricity Between Two People

Wearable Notification System Brings Fashion to the Forefront

Jewelry Alerts You to Nearby Hot Spots of Favorite TV Shows

Wool Repair Kit Repositions Mending As Microscopic Manipulation

Augmented Reality Puts Artwork in Your Home Before Buying

Best of 2014: J. Crew’s Hand-Written Ad Is Customer Service Perfection

Post-It Notes Channel Color Inspiration from Major Cities

Phone-Charging Case Is Also A Wireless Speaker System

SnapShirt Is The Instagram For All-Over Print Clothing

Digital Art, Design And Knitwear Fashion Combined In Customized Clothing

Create Custom Fashion Pieces From Geolocations

World’s Best Dancers Interpret Popular PlayStation Genres

Beautiful LED Lamps with a Steampunk Vibe

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