Angeli Rafer

Angeli Rafer

Work august 1, 2014

Urban Photographer Captures New York City Lights at Night

NYC landmarks get the star treatment thanks to urban photographer’s cinematographic style

Innovation july 21, 2014

Harvard Students Invent Chef-Approved Cake in a Can

Hungry students combine convenience and taste with their ingenious aerosol cake dispenser

Technology july 17, 2014

Art Grad Designs 3D Loom that Introduces New Category of Flexible and Strong Materials

For his final project at the Royal Academy of Art, this graduate created a 3D weaving machine that can potentially save a life with a single thread.

Work july 2, 2014

Beijing Zoo Goes Virtual So Visitors Can Learn About Wildlife Remotely

The Beijing Zoo launched a brand new site that host live video streams of its animal exhibitions.

Design & Architecture june 17, 2014

Paper Bookshelf Strong Enough To Hold 10 Pounds Per Shelf

Paper shelf showcases artist Willy Chong’s dual heritage, won’t crumble under pressure.

Luxury june 10, 2014

NASA Shares Asteroid Knowledge Via Angry Birds

The latest game update is a collaboration with the space agency to highlight new deep space efforts.

Arts & Culture may 30, 2014

Curved Easel Creates Drawings As Our Eyes See The World

This curved device allows a pair of artists to create perfectly proportioned works with nothing but their own eyes.

Technology may 22, 2014

Glasses Hide Health-Tracking Sensors In Their Stylish Frames

JINS MEME can track the wearer's mental and physical conditions.

Work may 15, 2014

Journal Prompts Creatives To Use Their Hands Rather Than Their Phones

Hanna Yoon's notebook encourages people to remember significant moments with pen and paper instead of digital devices.

Advertising may 14, 2014

Anonymous Artists Turn School Chalk Dust Into Inspirational Masterpieces

When school is out, two rogue student designers sneak in to leave behind inspiring chalkboard messages in vacant classrooms.

Innovation may 12, 2014

Snarky Smoothies Distill The Pitfalls Of Modern Society

These drinks blend unusual ingredients like Big Data and Kale Chips to represent the deprivations of urban life.


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