Vashti Hallissey

Vashti Hallissey

Work january 13, 2016

Feel Like You’re Walking on the Moon With Gravity-Defying Shoes

Magnets in the soles of these "moon shoes" create an out-of-this-world sensation

Technology november 11, 2015

Piggy Bank Teaches Kids How to Manage Money in Age of Digital Currencies

ERNIT teaches children good financial habits and encourages them to save toward goals after they've selected an app picture associated with them

Innovation november 4, 2015

Design 3D-Printed Wearables by Pinching and Poking On-Skin Projections

Tactum is an augmented modeling tool that lets users manipulate images on their body via gesture to create ready-to-print Moto 360 watch bands and ready-to-wear medical braces

Technology june 25, 2015

Gamified Cigarette Holder Helps You Quit Smoking

Tosee tracks the amount of tar and nicotine you inhale to help users control, reduce or quit their habit

Sustainability june 18, 2015

Emoticon Jackets Let You Wear Your Heart on Your Lover’s Sleeve

With Rapido Connected Wear, couples can send illuminated hearts, tears and colors which are visualised on each other's clothes

Work june 17, 2015

No Mirror? Use 450 Penguins Instead

Get a bird’s eye view of yourself with Daniel Rozin’s latest interactive art work

Mobile june 15, 2015

Social Lamp Lights Up When You Get a Message

Program the Notti to glow in different colors depending on the type of call, text or notification you receive

Luxury june 11, 2015

Pedal-Powered Washing Machine Cleans Clothes in Five Minutes

The Drumi works without electricity to wash and spin-dry up to seven items at a time

Advertising june 5, 2015

Playful Kitchen Tools make Tomato Volcanoes and Cauliflower Clouds

Nestlé products appeal to kids (and adults) by turning healthy meals into adventures

Retail june 5, 2015

Couture Trumps Cocktails at Hotel Fashion Bar

Hotel guests in Antwerp can rent clothes and accessories tailored to their location and pay when they check out

Mobile june 4, 2015

Prep for the Elements with Table-Top Weather Simulator

Tempescope simulates the local forecast in a glass box, bringing sunshine, showers and storms indoors

IoT june 4, 2015

Cook Pasta with an App in the Home of the Future

GE's FirstBuild 33-hour Mega Hackathon makes the app-monitored slow cooker and Arduino-controlled oven

Travel june 3, 2015

For Every Vélosophy Bike Sold, One is Donated to a School Girl in Ghana

Swedish smart bike brand has partnered with UNICEF to help young women in the developing world access education

Advertising june 3, 2015

Let Your Emojis Choose Your Next Vacation

Emoodji uncovers the secrets of your soul by analyzing your emoji use; Pharrell’s personality is the emoji equivalent of 'raising the roof'


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