Carib Guerra

Carib Guerra

Work june 20, 2014

Upcycled Refrigerators Create Water Out Of Air

A professor & student team at Nottingham Trent University found a DIY way to turn old appliances into potentially life-saving machines.

Partner Content june 18, 2014

Lincoln Lets People Test Drive Their New Model In A High Speed Pursuit

The auto brand designed “Dream Rides” where drivers can virtually try out new features and test the car in various fictional scenarios.

Work june 2, 2014

Kitchen Appliance Grows Organic Veggies Like A Greenhouse

Niwa is a fully automated and really good looking home hydroponics system.

Innovation june 2, 2014

3D-Printing Vending Machine Dispenses Designs On The Spot

The DreamVendor is a kiosk where anybody can create ready-made objects.

Technology may 30, 2014

Snap A Photo Of Your Skin To Check For Cancer

DermoScreen diagnoses melanomas with impressive accuracy.

Home may 30, 2014

Intel Envisions A Future Where We Print Custom Robots At Home

The new project helps anybody can build and customize their own helpful droid using freely distributed software and hardware designs.

Work may 29, 2014

Our Heat Signatures Could Turn Any Surface Into An Interactive Touchscreen

Metaio's Thermal Touch is an augmented reality interface designed for the future of wearable displays.

Mobile may 29, 2014

Augmented Reality App Brings New York's Subway Maps To Life

Tunnel Vision draws on information from the MTA and the NYC Open Data initiative to tell a story about modern life in the city.

Arts & Culture may 28, 2014

Social Network For The Homeless Provides Human Contact

We Are Visible was created by activist Mark Horvath as a resource for 600,000 Americans living without a home.

Innovation may 27, 2014

Augmented Reality City Grows On Vinyl Record As It Spins

Someday World, Brian Eno and Karl Hyde's new album, turns an old format into a psychedelic digital experience.

Sustainability may 23, 2014

Food Visualizer Tracks Actual Nutrition Of What You're Eating Today

Sam Slover tracked everything he ate for 10 weeks and learned he had ingested 3,548 unique ingredients.

Retail may 22, 2014

Supermarket Has No Packaged Products To Reduce Food Waste

Original Unpacked wants to get rid of excessive materials and waste by offering honesty and quality in our grocery experience.

Design & Architecture may 21, 2014

Bluetooth Strap Retrofits Any Wrist Watch To Become Smarter

Modillian is an intelligent buckle that aims to bring digital convenience to the Rolex market.

Mobile may 20, 2014

Solar-Powered Bike Lock Knows If Its Rider Has Crashed

Skylock, created by ex-Boeing and Jawbone engineers, is an intelligent device that keeps cyclists, and their property, safe and secure.


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