Ross Brooks

Ross Brooks

Home january 15, 2015

Refugee Complex Connects Residents With Artwork Of Recurring Dreams

Art initiative builds community by sharing vivid details inside neighbors' heads

Work october 10, 2014

Art Student’s Moleskine-Inspired Campaign Illustrates Paper’s Edge Over Digital

Concept makes it clear why notebooks still dominate cell phones

Travel march 17, 2014

Then-And-Now Shots Of Movie Sets Show The Evolution Of Major Cities

ScenePast pinpoints famous movie locations in cities across the country.

Technology march 14, 2014

The Guardian Turns The History Of The Web Into A Snakes & Ladders Game

Online boardgame complemets interview with Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Mobile march 14, 2014

NFC Sweatshirt Can Control Your Home From Its Sleeves [Video]

Zuzance hoodie wants to make wearable tech an affordable proposition.

Technology march 14, 2014

Project Cleans Up Reddit AMA’s With An Easier-To-Read Format

Software developer makes free-for-all interviews even better.

Design & Architecture march 14, 2014

Hardwood Floors Act As An Air-Purification System

Light-activated titanium oxide keeps your home toxin-free.

Sustainability march 13, 2014

How NYC Could Revolutionize Urban Transport By Turning Its Taxi System Into A Sharing Economy

Stats show that 80% of all cab journeys in 2011 could have been shared.

Arts & Culture march 13, 2014

Vinyl Printer Cuts Records In Real-Time As Songs Play [Video]

Convert digital tracks in a matter of minutes.

Work march 13, 2014

How 3D-Printed Prosthetics Are Giving Life Back To African Amputees [Video]

Mick Ebeling teaches villagers how to create their own robotic arms.

Advertising march 13, 2014

Hulu Uses Anonymous Secrets App As A Branded Content Platform

Whisper users promote an original series with their secret confessions.

Gaming & Play march 13, 2014

Skrillex’s New Album Is A Mobile Game Easter Egg

New music that's only available if you play some video games.

Innovation march 13, 2014

Crowdsourcing Traffic Data App Could Create A Better Bus System

App uses commuter data to reshape public transport routes.

Design & Architecture march 12, 2014

Solar Panel Desk Is Its Own Energy Source [Video]

Colored cells mimic photosynthesis to make the most of diffused light.


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