Ross Brooks

Ross Brooks

Refugee Complex Connects Residents With Artwork Of Recurring Dreams

Art Student’s Moleskine-Inspired Campaign Illustrates Paper’s Edge Over Digital

Then-And-Now Shots Of Movie Sets Show The Evolution Of Major Cities

The Guardian Turns The History Of The Web Into A Snakes & Ladders Game

NFC Sweatshirt Can Control Your Home From Its Sleeves [Video]

  • 14 march 2014
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Project Cleans Up Reddit AMA’s With An Easier-To-Read Format

Hardwood Floors Act As An Air-Purification System

How NYC Could Revolutionize Urban Transport By Turning Its Taxi System Into A Sharing Economy

Vinyl Printer Cuts Records In Real-Time As Songs Play [Video]

How 3D-Printed Prosthetics Are Giving Life Back To African Amputees [Video]

Hulu Uses Anonymous Secrets App As A Branded Content Platform

Skrillex’s New Album Is A Mobile Game Easter Egg

Crowdsourcing Traffic Data App Could Create A Better Bus System

Solar Panel Desk Is Its Own Energy Source [Video]

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