Kiran Umapathy

Kiran Umapathy

Design september 9, 2016

This New Plastic-Based Fabric Keeps You As Cool As Bare Skin

A team of Stanford scientists believe nanoPE could ease our reliance on expensive cooling systems used in buildings

Culture september 6, 2016

‘Hire Me’ Button Lets You Easily Support Artists And Creators

Social networking platform Ello is seeking to become a hub for creative people seeking patronage

Cities june 15, 2016

New Address System In Mongolia Replaces Numbers With Words

A startup has created a three-word system to uniquely identify every point on the planet for postal service and navigation

Retail june 13, 2016

Insure Your Electronics At The Swipe Of A Finger

New app uses Tinder-like interface to make it easy for people to insure individual devices

Design june 1, 2016

Airline Redesigns Cabin For Changing Traveler Needs

JetBlue has unveiled a fully connected in-seat experience

Fashion may 31, 2016

Shoe Keeps Wearers Free From Digital Distractions

Footwear brand Anatomic & Co. encourages more meaningful social interaction

Automotive may 25, 2016

Ford Aims To Create Vehicle Entirely From Sustainable Materials

A dedicated research lab is transforming toxins into reusable materials

Retail may 23, 2016

Scan Your Eyes To Log Into Your Bank Account

Wells Fargo is bringing eye scanner biometrics to mobile banking

Cities march 23, 2016

Nevada Drone Airport is Now Up and Flying

Aerodrome positions itself as hub of UAS industry

Culture march 22, 2016

The Keeper of Airbnb and Snapchat’s Visual Identity

Designers can create faster and more efficiently with a collaborative asset manager

Design march 14, 2016

Inside the Design of the Obi Worldphone MV1

Smartphone geared toward young professionals refuses to compromise on design or quality

Cities march 14, 2016

Activists Hack Products to Warn of Hefty Dangers

Stick it to harmful products with these DIY warning labels

Cities march 14, 2016

Restaurant Becomes First in US Powered by 100% Clean Energy

Au Fudge earns green awards for its dedication to sustainable practices

Advertising february 29, 2016

Behind the Rebrand of NYC’s Museum of Sex

An intimate look at how the museum is using design to prove it's more than a peep show


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