Marnie Kunz

Marnie Kunz

Tip for Tat Site Showcases Opposing Pieces of Advice

Free Online Digital Textbooks Democratize Education

Website Offers Font Inspiration, Resource

Hackers Make “Push Button, Receive Bacon” Meme a Reality

Let Your Phone Remind You to Keep in Touch with Loved Ones

  • 27 november 2014
  • IoT

‘Sharing Faces’ Mirror Matches Your Expression with Distant Person

Future Banking Competition Gives Glimpse of What’s to Come

UpWise Recycles Used Electronics, Gives Discounts on New Ones

Touch-Free Phone Designed for Disabled People

  • 17 november 2014
  • Home

Toronto Public Transit to Accept Tickets Via Smartphone App

Political Ads Become Fodder for Furniture in Brazil

Twitter Launches New Tool for People to Report Harassment

DIY Origami Masks Add Mod Twist to Halloween Costumes

‘Shhh’ Turns Off Phone Notifications for Better Bonding Time

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