Brady Dale

Brady Dale

Technology january 29, 2015

YotaPhone 2 Is E-reader and Tablet Ready to Take On Kindle

By building an ereader into mobile phone, YotaPhone 2 could be bigger threat to Kindle than fabled iPhone

Innovation january 7, 2015

It’s Not Quite Holograms, But Getting There: the L3D Cube

A new product from a Brooklyn company that specializes in physical 3D visualizations is the Pong of holograms

Technology december 29, 2014

Best of 2014: Meet the YotaPhone 2 – both an e-reader and tablet

By building an ereader into a mobile phone YotaPhone could be a bigger threat to the Kindle than the iPhone

Work december 16, 2014

What happens when journalism goes 100% Twitter? is a news venture from First Look Media that's moving journalism directly onto social media

Home december 11, 2014

Learn How to Bring Your Own Action Figure Designs to Life with a 3D Printer

Easily design, customize and make action figures that can take on a wide array of dynamic poses with any 3D printer

Advertising december 9, 2014

This Service Will Instantly Design Your Company Logo for $50

Tailor Brands is an affordable service that will auto-generate customized branding for your company

Cities november 14, 2014

Spotify’s First Artist-in-Residence Shows How Music Unites Humans

Every second, Spotify finds two users that started the same song at the same time and plays a snippet on its page, Serendipity, while showing the city each one lives in

Work october 21, 2014

Ways to Envision Time on Screen: The Imagine Science Film Festival 2014

A project to portray science better in film has evolved into an annual festival, with the venue being Google's Chelsea hub yet again and this year's theme being 'Time'

Design & Architecture september 16, 2014

Art Gallery Tours Transformed by Antenna International Audio System

An innovative art history expert in New York City is using technology to enrich the practice of touring art galleries in Chelsea

Arts & Culture july 21, 2014

Eco-Concept Car Seemingly Inspired by Pixar Films

Packed with every possible technological feature, this mini-bus makes driving the distance as low-impact and comfortable as possible

Gaming & Play july 21, 2014

Microsoft Fitness Band Breaks Ground by Playing Nice

All the other majors in technology are pushing smart watches as a way to drive adoption of their main item, their smartphone. Meanwhile, the Redmond, WA giant appears to be focusing on selling the device itself by making it compatible with all kinds of said devices

Innovation july 14, 2014

Metamaterial Makes It Possible to Hide Hidden Objects from Touch

New applications for mattresses, cushions and smugglers could be in the offing thanks to research from a German research institution.

Technology july 8, 2014

Hitch A Ride On A Space Balloon For Unprecedented Views of Earth

Space fans will be able to fly high enough to see the curvature of our planet for 90 minutes.

IoT july 3, 2014

Google Debuts New Design At I/O Conference, Plans To Put Android In Everything

Google wants to be in your car, on your TV and on your wrist. What it really wants, though, is to know what's going on with you.


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