Maria Qamar

Maria Qamar

Technology february 6, 2015

Brace Yourself: 3D Printed Ankle Device Promises to Axe Sprains

EXO-L® lets you 3D scan and 3D print a strong and flexible ankle brace to prevent sprains

Travel july 10, 2014

Amphibious Camping Caravan Adventures By Both Sea And Land

The Amphibian Camper lets you adventure by both sea and land.

Home june 5, 2014

Fondue-Inspired Slippers Mold Perfectly To The Feet

These rubbery moulds cling like a second skin.

IoT june 4, 2014

What It’s Like Living With Lag In Real Life

Swedish fiber broadband provider adds the frustrations of slow Internet to real life with the Oculus Rift.

Technology june 4, 2014

Lulu Guinness Creates The First Wearable Camera Bag

The British handbag designer had made a bag that captures up to 2,000 images per day.


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