Kristina Denstitt

Kristina Denstitt

Technology january 20, 2016

VR Shopping: Retail’s New Reality

Oculus Rift app will let you to visit a virtual showroom before you buy

Travel january 13, 2016

You Can Now Enjoy Your Own Netflix Account While En Voyage

Bring your own entertainment on vacation, without your laptop

Mobile january 8, 2016

The Next Nintendo Controller Might Ditch Buttons for Front-Facing Touchscreen

A recently released patent filing describes a smartphone-like design for new controllers

Arts & Culture january 6, 2016

NASA Wants You to Explore Mars in a Z-2 Spacesuit

VR headsets let you touch down on the Red Planet

Cities december 18, 2015

Engineering a GPS System Specifically for Urban Cyclists

Handlebar compass forgoes turn-by-turn navigation for "fuzzy navigation"

Technology december 3, 2015

GE Bulbs Adjust Light Color In the Name of Your Health

The C Sleep light bulb changes from blue to orange to soft yellow throughout the day to support healthy sleep patterns

Retail december 2, 2015

Price Match From Your Phone By Snapping a Pic

Scout harnesses artificial intelligence and your smartphone camera to help you find the lowest available price

Arts & Culture october 29, 2015

Why Search YouTube With Words When You Can Use Emojis?

Search engine Emoji2Video searches YouTube based on emoji criteria

Work october 29, 2015

Live Closed Captioning Wearable Will Make Life Easier for the Hard of Hearing

The Live-Time Closed Captioning System transcribes everyday conversations like television stations caption live news and sports

Design & Architecture october 1, 2015

Shoes Forego Laces, Hug Your Feet to Stay On

Vibram's Furoshiki line combines an ultra-flexible sole and velcro to create footwear that conforms to the foot—no laces required

Design & Architecture october 1, 2015

Envision a Blend of Television and the Internet Triggered by Fingerprints

Renan Feltri's minimalist A New TV design promises a television built around stories, not channels

Technology september 28, 2015

Google Wants Your Glasses to Stay On While You Run

Google’s patent for self-adjusting specs could change the lives of the active and near-sighted

Mobile september 22, 2015

Real World Pokémon Lets You Catch ‘em All On Your Commute

The Pokemon GO Plus watch buzzes when a Pokemon is nearby in the upcoming augmented reality smartphone game.

Mobile september 11, 2015

The Blind Are Seeing the World Through Artificial Intelligence

Aipoly uses machine vision and text-to-speech technology to identify and describe photos of everyday objects to visually impaired users


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