Leah Gonzalez Angue

Leah Gonzalez Angue

Design & Architecture january 13, 2015

Eco-Friendly Headphones That Don’t Sound Wooden

Grain Audio releases a sustainable wood-accented balance of sound and design

Work september 4, 2014

2D Camera Etched into Wood Shoots HD Video, Selfies

Not-A-Camera by artist Olivia Barr is a real camera designed to look like a fake 2D one

Work march 17, 2014

Stock-Like Platform Tells Collectors When To Buy And Sell Emerging Artwork

ArtRanks quantifies the emerging art market based on various metrics.

Technology march 14, 2014

How Facebook Could Move Beyond Social Media

The social network needs to use its engineering experience look at future roles for the company as usage stats drop.

Technology march 14, 2014

How 3D-Printing Repaired And Restored A Crash Victim’s Face

Stephen Power had his face reconstructed with custom made parts.

Advertising march 14, 2014

Hotel Room Keys Double As Starbucks Cards

The Sheraton gave out the dual purpose devices to conference attendees at their Seattle hotel.

Advertising march 13, 2014

E-Tailer Only Casts Models With PhDs [Pics]

For its Spring Collection, Betabrand featured women who have PHDs or are working towards one.

Advertising march 13, 2014

Gap’s Concept Store Tries To Lure Shoppers Away From E-Commerce [Pics]

The "Lived In" store is designed to help people remember the benefits of brick-and-mortar shopping.

Design & Architecture march 13, 2014

Colgate Redesign Won’t Waste Toothpaste [Pics]

Student Nicole Pannuzzo unofficially redesigned the toothpaste tube into a shape that collapses like an accordion as it gets used up.

Home march 13, 2014

IKEA Collection Targets 20-Something Urbanites Who Are Constantly Moving [Video]

The furniture company's PS 2014 line is designed to be packed up and moved easily.

Technology march 13, 2014

Epilepsy Tracker Explores How Wearable Tech Can Ease The Pain Of Chronic Conditions

Dialog helps people get a better understanding of their condition.

Work march 13, 2014

Updated Powerpoint Presentations Are Meant To Be Read Like A Book [Pics]

Slidedocs revitalizes work presentations with engaging visuals and minimal copy.

Technology march 12, 2014

Why The NY Times Thinks Activity Trackers Are Truly Limited

The newspaper's Wired Well section looks into what trackers can and can't do.

Technology march 12, 2014

Google Glass App Plays Movie Trailers From Their Paper Posters [Video]

The Preview app lets people get a sense of what a film is about in real time to help them decide what to watch later.


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