Kristen Nozell

Kristen Nozell

Work march 14, 2014

Giant Water Slide Provides New Form Of Urban Transport

A UK artist is bringing a 90-meter chute to the hilly streets of Bristol.

Arts & Culture march 14, 2014

Voyeuristic Photos Of Global Diets Help Tackle Obesity [Pics]

Photoessay hopes to inspire healthier habits through the exploration of people's relationship with food.

Innovation march 13, 2014

Parody Video Shows What Tinder Behavior Would Look Like In Real Life

New video created for a Danish television show makes the popular app uncomfortably real.

IoT march 13, 2014

Home Appliances Given Personalities, Become Sad When Underused

Designer Simone Rebaudengo created a network of toasters that are addicted to making toast and get jealous if used less frequently.

Design & Architecture march 11, 2014

Abandoned Outdoor Cinema Discovered In Sinai Desert [Pics]

An Estonian photographer recently found the End of the World Cinema, seemingly transplanted to the middle of the Egyptian desert.

Innovation march 11, 2014

Favorite Instagram Pics Transformed Into Nail Art

NailSnaps allows users to transform their digital snaps into one-of-a-kind nail stickers.


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