Caroline Bottger

Caroline Bottger

Technology december 28, 2013

Shopping Site Co-Founder On Making Images Shoppable [PSFK SF 2013]

Tim Weingarten, founder of The Hunt, talks about the importance of context in the social shopping experience.

Retail december 27, 2013

Braintree On How To Design A Great Mobile Retail Experience [PSFK SF 2013]

Michael Boeke of Braintree talks about mobile design on a more intimate level.

Technology december 27, 2013

Google Exec On Bridging The Gap Between All-Knowing And Far-Reaching [PSFK SF 2013]

Katie Stratton talked about retailers using Google Helpouts to provide 24/7 customer service.

Advertising december 26, 2013

Zappos Strategy Manager On Using Every Channel As A Place To Help [PSFK SF 2013]

Zappos Labs' product strategy manager spoke about how channels in the path to purchase can be used for communication with customers.

Design & Architecture december 26, 2013

Google Shopping’s Product Manager On Crafting An Analog Experience Online [PSFK 2013]

Laura Jones speaks about bringing the real-life shopping experience to shopping with Diane von Furstenberg using Google Hangouts.

Technology december 26, 2013

Social Shopping Site Co-Founder On Using The Tools Already At Your Disposal [PSFK 2013]

Chris Bennett talks about using a social platform's innate qualities to sell products.

Design & Architecture december 26, 2013

Avery Dennison’s Global Creative Director On Getting It Right Before Making It Great [PSFK SF 2013]

Tim Voegele-Downing reveals some creative methods of tracking inventory.

Advertising december 12, 2013

Foursquare Exec On Why Location Is The New Cookie [PSFK SF 2013]

Brian Williamson explains the future of the service and how it's offering location-specific retail offers to users.

Work december 12, 2013

Uber’s Data Scientist On The Importance Of Knowing One Thing About Everybody [PSFK SF 2013]

Bradley Voytek explains in this PSFK event video how the firm crunches passenger information to deliver outstanding service.

Mobile november 29, 2013

How Google Is Making Online Shopping Easier And More Fun [PSFK SAN FRANCISCO]

PSFK talks to Laura Jones about why simplicity equals enjoyment.

Technology november 21, 2013

Shopping Platform Lets People Purchase From Their Twitter Feed drives sales by enabling shoppers to buy directly within their social media streams.


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