Catalina Kulczar-Marin

Catalina Kulczar-Marin

Work july 19, 2010

OFFF Review: Lullatone

PSFK talks to the music-making duo to discuss their new iPhone app, Dropophone.

Design & Architecture july 16, 2010

OFFF Review: Art Consultancy Sosolimited.

PSFK talks to Boston-based installation artists, Sosolimited about performance, language, politics and TV remix boxes.

Work july 15, 2010

OFFF Review: Innovative Storyteller Sam Winston

PSFK talks to Sam Winston about his work deconstructing and recomposing classic stories.

Technology july 12, 2010

OFFF Review: Fancyrence’s Interactive Crowd Art

The Sanpuk collective's project let users digitally poke fun of other conference attendees.

Luxury july 12, 2010

OFFF Review: OFFFerings Creates A Social Network Of Objects

PSFK talks to Thais Braga Fabris, the creative director of Torke and OFFFering, at OFFF Paris.

Arts & Culture july 12, 2010

OFFF Review: Barcode Art

Artist Scott Blake creates interactive portraits using the scannable codes.

Work july 9, 2010

OFFF Review: Merging Traditional Handicraft And Digital Art

PSFK talks to graphic designer Julien Vallee at OFFF Paris.

Technology july 9, 2010

OFFF Review: Coalition Of The Willing’s Group Filmmaking

PSFK talks to filmmaker Simon Robinson about his unique collaborative film project.

Cities july 8, 2010

OFFF Review: Wooster Collective

PSFK talks to Marc & Sara Schiller at OFFF Paris, to find out what comes next for street art.

Arts & Culture july 6, 2010

OFFF Review: Designer Tara McPherson

PSFK talks with the multi-talented artist at OFFF Paris about her workflow and future plans.


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