Chris Arkenberg

Chris Arkenberg

Viewdle Connects Real World With Social Media

Creating New Layers Of Value: Howard Stern Tweets Private Parts

Smart Algorithms Adavance Negative Content Filtering

Mace Partners With Buddi To Distribute Personal GPS Tracking Device

  • 20 january 2011

Cobra iRadar Integrates iPhone & Car Radar Detectors

Using Nanotube Yarns For Durable Smart Clothing

FuturICT Hopes to Model the World With “Living Earth Simulator”

Consumer Innovations Bring Lab Science to the Home

  • 30 december 2010
  • Home

Machine Code Challenges Amazon’s Mechanical Turkers

ENESS Create Interactive Skate Ramp For ‘TRON: Legacy’ Promo

The City As A Massive Laboratory For Innovation

Urushi Tactile Musical Interface

Google’s Social Geo-Location App, Latitude, Now on iPhone

Reebok & MC10 to Develop Smart Electronic Clothing

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