Chris Arkenberg

Chris Arkenberg

Technology february 16, 2011

Viewdle Connects Real World With Social Media

New service links facial recognition to social media.

Home february 14, 2011

Creating New Layers Of Value: Howard Stern Tweets Private Parts

The radio personality made waves yesterday by live Tweeting scene-by-scene commentary while watching his movie, Private Parts.

Work january 21, 2011

Smart Algorithms Adavance Negative Content Filtering

Marking another step forward in the march of algorithmic & embedded governance, researchers at the University of Colorado have developed a process for effectively detecting & deleting "objectionable" (ie nude) content in videos.

january 20, 2011

Mace Partners With Buddi To Distribute Personal GPS Tracking Device

The company best known for arming both citizenry & militias with tear gas & pepper spray is now extending its line of personal security equipment.

Innovation january 18, 2011

Cobra iRadar Integrates iPhone & Car Radar Detectors

A specialized app works with a dash-mounted radar & laser detector to deliver radar alerts, enable tracking, and augment trap detection with mapping of speed & red-light cameras.

Innovation january 11, 2011

Using Nanotube Yarns For Durable Smart Clothing

Nanotechnology researchers at the Nanotech Institute at the University of Texas have developed a method to make smart fibers much more resilient and durable.

Technology december 30, 2010

FuturICT Hopes to Model the World With "Living Earth Simulator"

An ambitious project aims to gather the world's knowledge & data streams to drive a single, real-time global model of our planet.

Work december 30, 2010

Consumer Innovations Bring Lab Science to the Home

With cheaper & more sophisticated tools readily available, parents & hobbyists are setting up simple home laboratories.

Technology december 22, 2010

Machine Code Challenges Amazon's Mechanical Turkers

A recent experiment asks: who's better - "the crowd," or the computer?

Design & Architecture december 20, 2010

ENESS Create Interactive Skate Ramp For 'TRON: Legacy' Promo

A kaleidoscope of patterns, trails, starbursts, and text elements flows with the movement of the skaters.

Cities december 16, 2010

The City As A Massive Laboratory For Innovation

The Institute for the Future has released a map of "The Future of Cities, Information, and Inclusion."

Design & Architecture december 14, 2010

Urushi Tactile Musical Interface

A touch-sensitive music controller explores the interface between traditional Japanese designer art and modern interactive surfaces.

Mobile december 13, 2010

Google's Social Geo-Location App, Latitude, Now on iPhone

The application, previously released as a web app, has been entirely rebuilt for iOS4 enabling it to run as a background application constantly broadcasting a user's location to their network.

Mobile december 9, 2010

Reebok & MC10 to Develop Smart Electronic Clothing

The technology would connect with a user's smart phone and enable athletes to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, sweat pH, body impacts, gait, and joint stress.


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