Christine Huang

Christine Huang

Advertising october 9, 2009

What Brands Can Learn From Online Dating

OKCupid's recent analysis of successful dating interactions got us thinking: what can these lessons of online dating teach us about relationship-building on a larger scale?

Advertising october 1, 2009

PSFK Talks to Jeff Staple About the Rain Camo Kia Soul

We recently caught up with designer entrepreneur Jeff Staple (of Staple Design) to find out more about his latest creation: the Rain Chamo for Kia.

Advertising september 25, 2009

What the Internet is Killing, Part 2

Rather than lament the passing of traditional values, beliefs and rituals, let's invent ways to save them. Let's examine the 'dying' practices we value and design new tools, strategies, and products to keep them (or the essence of them) alive.

Advertising july 31, 2009
Advertising july 22, 2009
Culture may 7, 2009
Advertising may 5, 2009
Home may 5, 2009
Design may 4, 2009
Advertising april 30, 2009
Culture april 29, 2009

Video: PSFK Conference NYC: Celestine Arnold and Digital Multiculture

At PSFK Conference NYC, Celestine Arnold gave an eye-opening talk on the "Ghost in the Machine: Digital Multiculture." Celestine discussed the role of race and culture in video games - and the gaming industry's failure to address (and successfully market towards) it. While minorities make up a disproportionately large percentage of the gaming community, most games cater to an assumed mainstream (white, male) player....

Culture april 28, 2009
Innovation april 27, 2009
Advertising april 27, 2009

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