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Claudia Cukrov

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Technology january 24, 2013

Shopping Platform Tracks Down Hard-To-Find Items On Instagram & Pinterest

The Hunt help users locate beloved fashion pieces that they don't know how to find online.

Mobile october 12, 2012

Become The DJ At Any Nightclub By Interrupting Their Playlist With This App

Secret DJ allows users to intercept and program the playlist at venues right from their phone, so users can hear what they want to.

Design & Architecture june 19, 2012

Karl Lagerfeld And Wallpaper* Mag Create Book-Scented Perfume

The design publication and fashion icon come together to create the scent of 'freshly printed book.'

Technology may 11, 2012

Anti-WiFi Wallpaper Prevents People From Stealing Your Signal

Available to consumers in 2012, the wallpaper uses silver particles to filter out frequencies, at the cost of the average mid-range wallpaper.

Advertising april 18, 2012

Samuel L. Jackson & Zooey Deschanel Plug Siri In New Ads

The Oscar-nominated actor teams up with America's favorite doe-eyed ingenue in Apple latest ads, which went to air on US television this week.

Innovation april 4, 2012

Edit Other People’s Photos With A Social, Collaborative Camera

A new wireless device allows you to send pictures from camera to camera making the device a sharing platform.

Work january 19, 2012

Breast Milk Delivery Helps Working Mothers In Jakarta

A new motorbike service allows moms to courier breast milk to their infants from the workplace.

Luxury january 13, 2012

Tiffany & Co. And The Sartorialist Team Up On Instagram To Showcase True Love

The luxury jeweler has joined forces with the street-style photographer and his girlfriend, fellow blogger Garance Dore, to document real couples in love, worldwide, using the Tiffany & Co. Instagram filter.

Travel december 7, 2011

Lonely Planet’s Creates New Socially-Driven Culture Guide App

Wezani is a new location-based app, lists retail, dining, nightlife and culture recommendations from friends and reputable publishing sources.

Advertising december 5, 2011

Air New Zealand Launces A Clue-Style Competition To Find Out Who ‘Killed’ Their Mascot

In partnership with toy and board-game company Hasbro, the airline announced the untimely end of 'Rico' and sent fans on the hunt for the celebrity killer.

Technology november 30, 2011

Virgin Mobile Creates A Bike Treasure Hunt

The mobile phone company has created a new interactive, and just plain active, way to interact with their consumers.

Design & Architecture november 23, 2011

Lagerhaus Promotes Online Retail via Blog-Up Stores

The Swedish retailer has taken on six interior design bloggers to create their own 'blog up stores' and bring their audience over to the new online retail space.

Advertising november 23, 2011

Domino’s ‘Pizza Hero’ iPad App Let’s You Make Pizzas And Then Order Them

The pizza company's new game allows customers to take on the role of the pizza maker, compete against other users & create personal pies for delivery.

Retail november 18, 2011

Jeweler Posts Facebook Love Notes On Californian Jumbotron

Californian agency G&M Plumbing and Robbins Brothers jewelers are offering people the chance to publicly share adoring status updates as part of a new campaign.


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