Creators Project

Creators Project

Syndicated june 27, 2014

Creators Project: Visualizing The Ghostly WiFi Waves That Surround Us

WiFi signal strength transformed into colors with an LED panel.

Work june 10, 2014

The Creators Project: Sewable Circuit Boards Create Jobs In Mexico

“Performative intervention” gives residents in Mexican cities the chance to work for $7.50 an hour.

Work june 9, 2014

The Creators Project: “SKIN” Transforms Your Emotions Into Sound And Color Through Sweat Data

This installation turns the human body into a visual storytelling tool.

Syndicated september 17, 2013

The Creators Project: Human Harp Makes Sounds Using NYC Bridges

Sound artist creates sculptural instruments that attached to the human body and make noise through movement.

Arts & Culture june 7, 2013

The Creators Project: Microscopic Art Of Jon Hopkins’ Immunity

Time-lapse photography of crystal growth and chemical reactions form the visuals for a new album.

Work april 26, 2013

The Creators Project: Interactive Musical Forest Made Of Lasers

Laser Forest is comprised of 150 rods which can be tapped and played.

Luxury march 18, 2013

The Creator’s Project: Stefan Sagmeister On Why Good Design Is About Taking Risks

The famous designer and recent partner Jessica Walsh explain why turning off the computer is still important for today's creatives.

Technology march 4, 2013

The Creators Project: Could Hollywood Flicks Exist Without The Visual FX?

Author Kevin Holmes examines VFX technology in the concept and creation of blockbusters in light of recent bankruptcy scandals.

Gaming & Play february 1, 2013

The Creators Project: A Breath-Controlled Installation Inspired By Hurricane Sandy

The organization's team comes up with a project that encapsulate how humans effect the weather.the

Technology january 4, 2013

Creator’s Project: Almost Human Robot Uses ‘Muscles’ To Move

Roboy is a "tendon driven" android that replicates the forces used by the human body to move its frame.

Design & Architecture december 4, 2012

Creator’s Project: Step Through A Bubbling Rainbow

In her work, Anaísa Franco uses technology as a way to give life and emotions to objects.

Mobile november 30, 2012

Creator’s Project: London Square Turned Into Kaleidoscopic Audiovisual Light Show

Flat Iron Square in south London was transformed into an immersive light show with deadmau5 providing accompanying audio.

Retail november 27, 2012

Creator’s Project: Interactive Window Display Puts Holiday Shoppers In Control

For Cartier’s storefront on 5th Avenue in NYC, Zigelbaum + Coelho has designed an interactive gift display that lets passersby control the boxes in the store window.

Gaming & Play november 26, 2012

Creator’s Project: Iconic Movie Scenes Recreated With Video Game Characters

'The Challengers Appear' is a series that brings together film and video games to celebrate 15 years of Playstation characters.


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