Danny Camprubi

Danny Camprubi

Work april 23, 2015

Danny Camprubi: Internet Age Media is Refamiliarizing Us with Misunderstood Cultures

The Calvert Journal and Afripedia are two creative and perception-altering movements spurred by the Internet's leveling powers

Design & Architecture july 7, 2011

A New Kind Of Tourism In An Innovative City Guide

The Weird and Wonderful Guide to Barcelona brings readers lesser known facts accompanied by beautiful illustrations and a unique design.

Arts & Culture april 13, 2011

Isolation From The World In Spain

Aire de Bardenas is a hotel that acts as a retreat from distraction.

Luxury june 24, 2010

SonarKids: Music, Art & Technology Festival Grows In 2010

The festival has been expanded to a two-day format receiving over 7000 attendees.

Technology april 23, 2010

A Collaborative Book Created Through Facebook

Luis Casadevall, one of the most prominent creative minds in the Spanish advertising business, has created a collaborative photo book using Facebook.

Design & Architecture april 23, 2010

Windows: Stained Glass Meets The Modern World

Artist Manuel Fernandez recently completed a project in the city of Mallorca where the ancient art of stained glass was reinterpreted in a modern fashion.

Work march 25, 2010

My Little Factory: DIY Product Development In Barcelona

Mermela Estudio, an industrial design studio in Barcelona, have created a new workshop to help facilitate the entire life cycle of product development for other designers.

Innovation march 23, 2010

I Am Not An Artist

I Am Not An Artist is a web project created by Javi Donada and Angelo Palma to remind designers that their profession is a job like any other, it requires many hours of work sitting down in a chair.

Work march 3, 2010

We Can All Fix This: A Campaign To Inspire Positivity

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce and other major IBEX 35 companies have teamed up to inspire a more positive outlook through a web campaign called "We can all fix this".

Arts & Culture march 1, 2010

Platos Vs. Platos: DJs And Dinner Parties

Platos vs. Platos is a culinary-musical society in Barcelona organized by Soon in Tokyo where people come together to enjoy good music and food.

Technology february 15, 2010

A Visionary Cake: Augmented Reality Meets The Pastry World

Catalan patissier Christian Escribà has come up with an interesting new mix of cake and technology.

Design & Architecture february 12, 2010

(Pics) El Portillo Ski Cabin

El Portillo is a boldly styled cabin located at the Javalambre ski station in Teruel, Spain.

Sustainability february 11, 2010

Barcelona's Innovative Public Recycling Containers

Barcelona's Environmental Department have produced new waste recycling containers which are designed for easy use by the city's whole population.


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