Daniel Edmundson

Daniel Edmundson

Daniel Edmundson is a regular contributor to PSFK.

Arts & Culture november 30, 2010

Simple Socializing Leads To A Bigger Brain For Most Mammals

A new study from the University of Oxford has revealed that highly social mammals developed larger brains over time.

Work november 30, 2010

What's In A Name? Google Dishes On Hotpot.

The company explains the origins of naming its recently released community of Places.

IoT november 23, 2010

What JFK Can Teach Us About Futurism

A recently uncovered essay by the the 35th President of the United States reveals insight into technology and its ongoing impact on society.

Design & Architecture november 17, 2010

What If The Largest Countries Had The Biggest Populations?

A cartographic take on replacing global populations into new geographic areas.

Technology september 27, 2010

How Google Senses Your Frustration

A new study from the Google User Experience team tracks dissatisfaction and attitudes in the struggle to search.

Mobile september 27, 2010

iPad Patent Reveals New Design

As new blueprints filed in China reveal, Apple may be adding some of its most-desired and functional features.

Work september 13, 2010

4Chan And The Rethinking Of Art and Aestheticism

A brilliant new commentary suggests we can learn much about the intent and context of art through online social interactions and planning.

Retail september 13, 2010

The Instantising Of Online Search Platforms

The introduction of Google Instant has influenced a slew of new sites that build upon the notion of practical, predictable query mechanisms.

Cities july 7, 2010

LA's Proposes 'High Line West' Elevated Park

One of California's busiest ports will soon have industrial land transformed into an elevated urban park.

Innovation july 6, 2010

Working Online: Collaboration Versus The Crowd

A discussion from the Future of News and Civic Media Conference reveals new thoughts on the optimization of online reporting systems.

Sustainability july 5, 2010

Reflecting The Stars Diffuses NYC's Light Pollution

A new installation from The Windmill Factory will spread awareness and education about obscuring the night sky.

Advertising july 5, 2010

(Video) Tell No One's Lo-Fi Video Experiment

The UK-based video duo reveal their creative processes through innovative and technologically complex shorts.

Retail july 5, 2010

Uniqlo's Six-Phrase In-Store Strategy

The Japanese mega-retailer promotes a unique messaging science on the floors of its Soho shop.

Mobile june 28, 2010

Boatanic Brings Floating Gardens To City Waterways

A new concept inspired by Amsterdam's vast canal system could supply fresh produce and a living greenhouse to urban areas.


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