Daniela Walker

Daniela Walker

Daniela Walker is a regular contributor to PSFK. She is currently based in London as a journalist at LS:N Global, the trend forecasting arm of brand consultancy The Future Laboratory. She takes her coffee milky and her chocolate dark.

Retail august 27, 2015

Pub By the People, For the People, Moves 'Round the Neighborhood

The Pilcrow Pub is a pub being built from scratch as it moves around the NOMA neighborhood in Manchester, England

Technology august 25, 2015

LA Philharmonic Brings Beethoven to the Masses with Virtual Reality

VAN Beethoven is a van traveling through LA communities to bring classical music to those normally without access to it

Technology august 12, 2015

In Vegas, Artist Replaces Marriage With Quantum Entanglement

Jonathon Keats will be using quantum physics to entwine loved ones in a bond beyond 'I Do'

Cities july 31, 2015

Treating Sunscreen as a Free Public Service

Public health campaigns in Boston and Miami Beach are calling for free sunscreen dispensaries

Work july 28, 2015

Nike Rethinks the Zipper for More Accessible Sneakers

Nike's latest special edition involves an easy-entry footwear system to cater to athletes of all abilities

Advertising july 27, 2015

Domino’s Wants You to Be Emoji Literate

The pizza company continues its investment in the emojisphere with Emoji Literacy, a new site dedicated to understanding the pictorial "language"

Work july 16, 2015

Work in the Middle of Nature in Quaint Off-Grid Workplace

Kantoor Karavaan blends the dream of being off-grid with the reality of needing to work

Home july 13, 2015

Familiarize Yourself with the Internet of Things at Target’s Connected Home Lab

Target Open House is the brand's retail space (and laboratory) showcasing smarthome technology

Design & Architecture june 30, 2015

It’s Time to Start Designing Cereal Boxes for Adults

Concept from designer Mun Joo Jane imagines breakfast packaging for folks who eat at the big table

Advertising june 29, 2015

Bill Nye and a Swarm of Emojis Take On Climate Change

Bill Nye the Science Guy and GE's webisodes series #EmojiScience communicates the wonder of science through emoticons

Design & Architecture june 22, 2015

Takeout Packaging for Big Mac-Loving Cyclists

The McBike is takeout packaging for people who want their McDonald's on the go, while traveling by bike

Technology june 19, 2015

Food Recognition Tech Allows Oven to Think Like a Chef

June is an intelligent oven that promises a more precise and efficient cooking experience

Retail june 19, 2015

If Blue Apron Was a Brick-And-Mortar Store

Pantry is a soon-to-open store near Boston that brings the "dinner in a box" service to a physical space

Design & Architecture june 18, 2015

Swiss Army Knife of Coffee Makers Consolidates Best of Coffee Worlds

The Trinity ONE is a coffeemaker that can make pour over, air pressure and cold brew all in the same device


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