Don Michael Acelar De Leon

Don Michael Acelar De Leon

Don Michael Acelar De Leon is a regular contributor to Don is a writer, voice artist, and musician from the Philippines. He is also a volunteer and former national trustee of AFS Intercultural Programs, the largest student exchange network in the world.

Technology may 8, 2013

Luxury Tech Accessories Are The New Tennis Bracelet

Budding model-entrepreneur Lily Kwong unveils a line of luxury jewelry worn, not by people, but by their iPhone 5s.

Mobile may 6, 2013

Sexts Transformed Into Works Of Art

Intimate messages will serve as the basis for large-scale art works at New York's New Museum.

Sustainability january 9, 2013

Navy Diving Gear Turns Scuba Diver Into Aquaman

DARPA is developing a scuba suit that would prevent against sickness or death associated rising to the surface too quickly.

Technology january 8, 2013

Eco-Friendly Concrete Building Walls Grow Moss

Researchers in Spain have created cement that uses natural rainwater to grow moss.

Advertising january 8, 2013

Female Care Package Delivers Relief During 'That Time Of The Month'

Le Parcel offers tampons, pads, chocolates and gifts, sent to customer's door.

Advertising january 7, 2013

Polaroid Introduces Tablet For Kids

The famous instant film company has released a wireless device specifically designed for children's entertainment and educational use.

Cities january 7, 2013

Pavement Generates Electricity From Footsteps

Pavegen sidewalk tiles harnesses kinetic energy from the impact of pedestrian's feet.

Retail january 7, 2013

Is This The Safest Bike On The Road?

A bike project introduces heightened safety through efficient brake lighting, rider protection, and retro-reflective coating.

Advertising december 20, 2012

Car Insurance Company Only Charges For Miles Driven

A tailored insurance model allows infrequent drivers to save.

Sustainability december 11, 2012

Playground Made From Recycled Apartment Items

The space will be made from items donated from neighborhood dwellings to evoke a deeper sense of community.

Design & Architecture december 10, 2012

Kia Car Rigged To ‘Cheer’ For Soccer Team

The auto company showed their support for the Vancouver Whitecaps by hacking one of their Rios so it would ‘cheer’ every time a fan sent a custom tweet.

Work december 10, 2012

Office Building Made From Recycled Paper [Pics]

Dratz & Dratz in Germany have created the 2000 sq ft Paper House to demonstrate alternate building methods.

Arts & Culture december 10, 2012

Stunning Macro Photographs Shows That No Two Snowflakes Are Alike

Russian photographer Andrew Osokin brings truth to the old adage.

Cities december 10, 2012

PSFK's Gift Of The Day: Recycled Skateboard Sunglasses

Sk8 Shades feature wayfarers made from used skateboards that "have rolled in pools, traversed inner cities and bombed down daunting hills."


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