Don Michael Acelar De Leon

Don Michael Acelar De Leon

Don Michael Acelar De Leon is a regular contributor to Don is a writer, voice artist, and musician from the Philippines. He is also a volunteer and former national trustee of AFS Intercultural Programs, the largest student exchange network in the world.

Technology november 28, 2012

Dry Erase Cartoon Board Lets Anyone Become A Comic Writer

A promising Kickstarter project, Magnet Comic is a magnetic board in the shape of a newspaper funnies strip.

Technology november 26, 2012

The Secret To Making Food Look Irresistible On TV [Video]

A creative production agency shows how food and drinks are shot to make them look more visually appealing.

Commemorate Favorite Rides With Wall-Mounted Bike Taxidermy

When cycles can’t be used anymore, they are often discarded or left to rust– but why not turn them into something lasting and beautiful?

Advertising november 14, 2012

App Turns Camera Shots Into Sketches

Tired of the usual apps that transform your images into cliched cartoon cutouts? Colorized transforms photos into authentic-looking hand drawings.

Design & Architecture november 12, 2012

‘Ballroom’ Jeans Give Men Extra Space When Crouching

A jean company proposes a solution for active men who worry about the lack of movement and comfort that skinny pants provide.

Work november 12, 2012

Google Supports Movember With Games Users Control With Their Moustaches

The charity month that encourages men to grow facial hair to raise awareness for prostate cancer now has a weekly series of web activities created by the search giant.

Design & Architecture november 12, 2012

Relax In A Personal, Transparent Bubble Pod

The Cocoon 1 Pod by Micasa Lab looks like a giant hamster ball complete with brightly colored mats, which can be used to relax in.

Cities november 12, 2012

Paul Smith Launches Instagram Art Show To Promote His Latest Line Of Scarves

The popular designer displays a series of photographs of London alongside limited edition pockets squares.

Design & Architecture november 12, 2012

Chopard Disney Princess Jewelry

The high-end Swiss timepiece and jewelry manufacturer creates a stunning collection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings inspired by Belle, Cinderella, et al.

Technology november 12, 2012

Vending Machine Heats Up Snacks Before It Serves Them

Have a popsicle or a hot pocket from the same place.

Home november 6, 2012

Wire Sketch Home Decor Accessories [Pics]

A designer's unique visual twist on vases and candlesticks provide a visually arresting optical illusion.

Advertising november 6, 2012

Clock Uses Sand To Mark Time

An interesting concept employs an organic mechanism inspired by ancient methods of keeping time.

Work november 5, 2012

'Pinched' iPads & iPhones Create Giant Screen

Japanese research team maximizes the iOS interface to project a large singular image from multiple interconnected devices.

Design & Architecture november 5, 2012

Designer Paints His Hands To Look Like Exotic Animals [Pics]

Using his knowledge of oil paintings and photography, Guido Daniele creates life-like renditions of wildlife on the surface and contours of human hands.


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