Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK

Dory Carr-Harris is Managing Editor of

Work june 20, 2014

PSFK's Trending Articles This Week

Wieden + Kennedy's New York office revealed and a wearable wristband that manages your wallet.

Sustainability june 18, 2014

Why Sustainability Needs A Serious Makeover

Designer and Goodlifer editor Johanna Björk tells why embracing sustainable living is an upgrade not a sacrifice.

Technology june 17, 2014

Will Doing Things For Free Revamp Our Economy?

For Model and actress Lily Cole trust and risk taking are allowed to flourish in her new social network impossible, where people think differently about basic transactions.

Work june 16, 2014

Why Storytelling Is The Hidden Side To The World Of Scent

Jason Fried, the founder of Bergamot and The Shed, a Brooklyn storytelling salon, talks about his hybrid life as a perfumer and narrative guru.

Luxury may 16, 2014

PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

An Applebee's chat app, Instagrams as payment and the wise words of a 17-year-old entrepreneur.

Advertising april 29, 2014

Transgender Supermodel Is Using Art To Change The World

Model and activist Geena Rocero discusses how to elevate global transgender awareness why she decided to come out on the TED stage.

Retail february 19, 2014

Vanessa Holden: Why Beautiful Design Moments Can Exist Anywhere

The SVP and CD of furniture and accessories giant, west elm, shares why, for her, creativity is about making.

Retail february 12, 2014

Marina Larroude: Why The Power Of The New Is Always Trending's Market Director discusses how social media is changing the ways that we are creative.

Luxury february 5, 2014

Jonathan Ford: Why Good Design Should Change The World

Co-Founder of Pearlfisher shares why creativity cannot exist without the goal of making something better.

IoT january 29, 2014

Shantell Martin: Why Being An Artist Is Fundamentally About Hard Work

Artist Shantell Martin shares why she doesn't believe in that you need luck to be successful in the art world, but simply tenacity and diligence.

Arts & Culture january 27, 2014

How Sundance Is Generating A New Creative Culture

The annual film festival has transformed into a place where artists of all forms are displaying their work and getting inspiration.

Cities january 22, 2014

Paula Scher: Why Breaking Free From Expectations Is The Key To Good Design

Partner at Pentagram design shares why rethinking the status quo is what will set ideas apart.

Work january 8, 2014

Ty Montague: Why Advertising Won’t Solve Brand Identity Problems

Ty Montague, co-founder of co: collective shares why creative solutions come from being a troublemaker.

Innovation december 26, 2013

Tina Roth Eisenberg: Why Confronting Deep Fears Is The Key To Creativity

Founder of swissmiss describes why a sense of daring is the only tool young creatives need.


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