Dylan Schenker

Dylan Schenker

Dylan Schenker is a regular contributor to PSFK.

Design & Architecture may 14, 2012

Modern Confession Booth Lets People Share Information in Private

In response to the ubiquity of open air architecture, Nick Ross has designed an alternative space for people to connect in privately.

Retail may 3, 2012

Projected Retail Displays Translate Online Shopping Into The Real World

Perch Interactive's projections surround real-world products with information such as reviews and stock information like available sizes and colors.

Technology march 26, 2012

Robot Helicopter Will Deliver Your Tacos Anywhere

Imagine ordering delivery and having an unmanned copter drone (The Tacocopter) bring you your food. Is this the future of delivery?

Innovation march 26, 2012

Made To Order Shoes Are Created For Shoppers In-Store

ShopInstantShoe is using cutting edge "memory" materials that can be tailored specifically to any individual.

Sustainability march 26, 2012

Trans-Oceanic Tubes Could Be The Future Of Travel

The Evacuated Tube Transport concept promises "space travel on earth" and two hour travel times between New York and China.

Work march 22, 2012

Yale University Installation Features Balloons That Glow In Response To Online Status Updates

The piece by Synoptic Offices at the Graphic Design school gives digital conversations a physical, reactive presence.

Design & Architecture march 21, 2012

Art Installation Shows Books Bursting Off The Library Shelves

Alicia Martin's book sculptures show swells of books pouring from windows onto the ground below

Technology march 20, 2012

New Social Network Helps People Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety Social Net is an online community designed specifically for people afflicted with intense social apprehension surrounding the new trend of constant, personal online sharing.

Arts & Culture march 20, 2012

3D Printing Lets Kids Combine LEGO And Lincoln Logs Into One Toy

FAT Lab's Universal Construction Kit is a set of 3D Printed blocks that allow disparate toy sets to be combined into new and exciting playthings.

Technology march 12, 2012

Pop-Out Headphones Let You Share Music Between The Pair

A new concept design uses wireless technology to let you listen to the same song with two sets of hardware.

Mobile march 6, 2012

Order Popcorn From Your Theater Seat By Scanning The Arm Of Your Chair

QkR by Mastercard will let people avoid long lines and order after sitting in the theater using a mobile payment system.

Design & Architecture march 6, 2012

New Device Makes The Brain Unable To Speak

The SpeechJammer, when pointed directly at someone, will scramble their words so they can no longer talk.

Gaming & Play february 16, 2012

Google Creates Daily Puzzles To Teach Users How To Search Better

The search giant has teamed with Wired magazine to develop a series of games to train us to find information faster.

Mobile february 15, 2012

Optimize Your Caffeine Intake With Your Phone To Get The Best Boost Possible

Caffeine Zone tracks consumption habits and decides if and when we really need that extra cup.


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