Liz Walsh

Liz Walsh

Liz is a regular contributor to Originally from New York City, she graduated from the University of Virginia in 2010. Her interests include art and activism. She documents graffiti, loves music, and writes about both when she can.

Work december 14, 2011

Eco-Friendly T-Shirts Turn Aid Into Sustainable Charity

Project Repat is working with artisans from Kenya to turn used clothing into profits for NGOs and sustainable business for locals.

Home december 14, 2011

Method's Soap Products Go Festive For The Holidays

Spice up your kitchen or bathroom sink this Christmas with scents like cinnamon drop and frosted fir -- all biodegradable.

Mobile december 14, 2011

Holiday Shopping Stress? There's An App For That

Christmas Wrapped for your iPhone helps make your shopping experience more manageable by organizing gifts alongside phone contacts.

Technology december 13, 2011

Why New Orleans Is The New Frontier For Entrepreneurship And Innovation

NOLAbound is offering creative startups the opportunity to articulate a new narrative for the burgeoning city and its rebirth.

Mobile december 12, 2011

12% Of Americans Own Tablets [Headlines]

Another 11% is expected to be added in 2012, and currently, users drive 20% of mobile commerce.

Technology december 12, 2011

AmEx Teams Up With Online Food Delivery Sevice For More Savings

For every four orders you make on Seamless of $15 or more, you'll receive a $10 credit on your next card statement.

Luxury december 12, 2011

One In Three American Children Are Overweight [Headlines]

Additionally, children aged 8 through 18 spend an average of 7.5 hours a day using entertainment media on various devices.

Design & Architecture december 12, 2011

The New Twitter [Headlines]

The new 'fly' site design focuses more on growth and less on changing the experience for already existing users.

december 12, 2011

A New Social Network To Transform Education [Headlines]

LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman and former Facebook executive Matt Cohler have put $15 million towards the new platform Edmodo.

Cities december 12, 2011

Pope Uses Android Tablet To Light World's Largest Christmas Tree [Headlines]

The head of the Catholic Church was originally supposed to use an iPad, which he tweeted from this past June.

Advertising december 12, 2011

More Than 50% Of Americans Watch Videos Online [Headlines]

The medium is now a mass marketing pursuit, and by 2015, experts expect that 60% of the country will view video content on the web.

december 12, 2011

Sunday Night Most Popular Time To Download Android Apps [Headlines]

The market celebrated its 10 billionth download on Thursday; the United States ranked fourth in application downloads.

Luxury december 9, 2011

Oregon Court Rules Blogger Not A Journalist [Headlines]

An investigative blogger lost a suit against an investment firm for publishing several highly opinionated and critical posts.

december 9, 2011

Virginia Tech Newspaper Used Twitter For Continuous Publishing [Headlines]

The university's paper was able to publish updates during and after the shooting via tweets, gaining 18,000 followers in a few hours.


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