Elyse Lipman

Elyse Lipman

Technology august 12, 2010

Preserving The Titanic With Social Media

On August 22, Expedition Titanic will dive to depths up to two and a half miles to revisit the wreck of the Titanic. Accompanying the scientists and oceanographers, digital media tools will enable the public to join in as well.

Mobile august 5, 2010

It’s a Bird! It’s A Plane! No, It’s A Google Nexus One!

The NexusOne PhoneSat experiment aims to test the viability of using today's advanced phones as satellites.

Technology july 29, 2010

AppLink Offers Hands-Free Twitter Technology To Drivers

Motorists will soon be able to get tweets on the go with Ford’s new technology.

Advertising july 29, 2010

A New Call for Action: Using SmartPhones To Save The Gulf

ScanLife, Inc., a world leader in mobile barcode technology, is teaming up with the New Orleans-based non-profit Women of the Storm for their new campaign.

Sustainability july 26, 2010

A Solar Powered Bike Sharing System

Copenhagen gets a sustainable bicycle network in a concept design by Stefano Marchetto.

IoT july 22, 2010

Flipboard: Social Magazine Offers A Personal Touch

A new iPad app uses your social networks and aggregated content to create a personalized and relevant experience.

Gaming & Play july 22, 2010

Can Virtual Recycling On Facebook Help Clean Up Trash In The Real World?

Waste Management, the largest recycler in North America, is releasing Oceanopolis, a new social game to encourage conservation of resources.

Technology july 14, 2010

Wanted: Robot Seeking Friendship

The Bina48 uses a special "character engine" in an attempt at replicating a human personality.

Sustainability july 14, 2010

NYC To Install Real-Time Meters To Monitor Water Consumption

A $252 million city-wide upgrade of the city's water tracking system aims to help residents monitor usage.

Travel july 13, 2010

Boston Globe Introduces Mobile SCVNGR Hunt Through City

Capitalizing on location-sharing and mobile technologies, the newspaper has introduced an interactive scavenger hunt that challenges users on a trek through the city.

Innovation july 12, 2010

LUMENHAUS: The House Of The Future Is Here

Virginia Tech’s model home combines sustainability, comfort and responsive architecture.

Technology july 8, 2010

Interactive Film Series Connects With Donors

Nanhi Kali, an international non-profit geared towards educating girls in India, has recently launched the world’s first donation-based film series.

july 7, 2010

X PRIZE Foundation To Sponsor Oil Spill Clean-Up Competition

If the World Cup is any indication, sporting events certainly draw devoted crowds and passionate players. So why not use competition to save the environment?

Cities july 2, 2010

Groupon To Partner With Regional Newspaper Sites

US Group Coupon Site to Partner with the McClatchy Company to offer deals to their local subscribers.


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