Elyse Lipman

Elyse Lipman

Preserving The Titanic With Social Media

  • 12 august 2010
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It’s a Bird! It’s A Plane! No, It’s A Google Nexus One!

AppLink Offers Hands-Free Twitter Technology To Drivers

A New Call for Action: Using SmartPhones To Save The Gulf

A Solar Powered Bike Sharing System

Flipboard: Social Magazine Offers A Personal Touch

Can Virtual Recycling On Facebook Help Clean Up Trash In The Real World?

Wanted: Robot Seeking Friendship

NYC To Install Real-Time Meters To Monitor Water Consumption

Boston Globe Introduces Mobile SCVNGR Hunt Through City

LUMENHAUS: The House Of The Future Is Here

Interactive Film Series Connects With Donors

X PRIZE Foundation To Sponsor Oil Spill Clean-Up Competition

  • 7 july 2010

Groupon To Partner With Regional Newspaper Sites

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