Freddie Laker,

Freddie Laker,

Freddie Laker is the CEO & Founder of - a whole new way to navigate and consume your favorite online content across Smart TVs, tablets, smart phones, and your browser.

Technology may 12, 2013

Freddie Laker: How To Make People Accept Avatars

How to get over the uncanny feelings that digital versions of humans create.

Mobile february 10, 2013

Freddie Laker: What Will Make Consumers Care About Smart TVs?

The founder of Guide discusses how people want experiences on their TV not just passive viewing.

Work november 11, 2012

Freddie Laker: The War For Your Living Room -- Microsoft’s (Secret) Strategy

How can the tech company's new smartphone compete with other successful models? It will have to rely on multi-platform integration to pull ahead of its competitors.

Design & Architecture september 10, 2012

Why The iPhone 5 Will Be Wider, Not Taller

Freddie Laker explains why it makes more sense for the next generation iPhone to grow in width and not height.


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