Guy Brighton

Guy Brighton

Guy Brighton is a regular contributor to PSFK.

Work november 1, 2011

Microsoft's Vision Of The Future 'Is Sterile' Says FastCompany [Headlines]

Writer says that the future will still be messy kitchens, non-angelic children, litter in public places, and jobs that don't involve giving glamorous presentations to ambiguously ethnic business partners.

Retail september 15, 2011

Is Foursquare Struggling To Crack Europe?

Feedback from the PurpleList suggests that the social app is finding it difficult to scale outside the US.

july 24, 2011

Apple May Launch Context Aware iPhone App [Headlines]

Rumors have it that the iPhone 5 will have a voice operated assistant that will intelligently gather and make suggestions.

Sustainability july 21, 2011

Book claims that some job applicants said they were subject to a "crash test" in which they had to drink up to 20 shots of the pastis before they were given a job at Pernod Ricard.

Mobile july 20, 2011

Jeff Jarvis: Phone-Hacking, Murdoch & Edelman [Headlines]

"Was it in his PR script to lash out at his competitors to for causing him to lose BSkyB, and not at himself?"

Work july 6, 2011

ComScore data shows that nearly one in three US mobile users now has smartphone, with Android and Apple taking two-thirds of share – but RIM, Microsoft and Palm are losers.

Cities june 24, 2011

These days it's virtually possible to live entirely online if you want to. But the real world tends to intrude eventually.

Technology june 22, 2011

Microsoft "May Find It Impossible" Not To Buy RIM [Headlines]

RIM's stock has gone down so much that an acquirer could buy them for a 50 percent premium and still pay the lowest multiple in the industry. That may make it very hard for Microsoft to resist swooping in.

Arts & Culture june 6, 2011

Her songs will start playing and girls will grab each other to dance in tight, elated circles. It doesn't really matter what she's saying, but who she's saying it to.

Innovation june 3, 2011

Jill Abramson to take over as first female editor as the Gray Lady finally redresses gender equality.

Advertising june 3, 2011

John Harris says that as Google's claws dig ever deeper, its dominance of the web should be challenged.

Luxury may 27, 2011

Hedge fund tycoon, David Einhorn, raises stake in software firm and then attacks its chief executive for 'Charlie Brown management'.

Advertising may 25, 2011

Dove Ad Casts Spotlight On Madison Avenue Racism [Headlines]

In an attempt to present Dove as a company that values cultural diversity, many believe an ad fell astoundingly short.

Work may 10, 2011

Fresh insight from US magazine shows that pared-down management structure and tight feedback loops make Steve Jobs's thinking permeate the corporation.


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