Janice Chow

Janice Chow

Janice is a contributing writer at PSFK and a New York-based brand strategist. She has worked at the intersection of design, branding, and innovation. Her recent focus is identifying emerging themes in experiential design and social innovation. Follow her @janicemomoko and you can reach her at janice [at] janice-chow [dot] com.

Gaming & Play september 14, 2012

Diane von Furstenberg Shares Fashion Week Through The Eyes Of The Models [Video]

DVF releases the footage she shot during fashion week with Google's Project Glass specs. See the amazing result that puts the viewer right on the runway.

Technology september 11, 2012

Diane von Furstenberg’s Models Wear Google Glasses On The Runway

A well-orchestrated collaboration between the designer and the tech giant is sure to fight off any geeky stigma the new tech might carry with it

Sustainability august 29, 2012

Traveling Bar Goes Anywhere On A Bicycle

Two successful entrepreneurs in London make specialty cocktails from a two-wheeled 'bar.'

Work august 28, 2012

NYC Taxi Logos Get A Makeover

The city shifts towards a simplified visual identity, and the letter 'T' will stand alone as 'axi' gets dropped.

Work april 12, 2012

How Can Technology Transform The Human Body? [Video]

Designer Lucy McRae is refashioning the architecture of the human body with her machine clothing creations.

Retail march 27, 2012

Online Fashion Community Lets You Search For Makeup To Go With Your Outfit

Polyvore has launched a new search feature that allows users to click on any color, to view the cosmetic product in the desired shade, across multiple beauty brands.

Arts & Culture november 1, 2011

Carsten Höller’s Whimsical Experiences at The New Museum

PSFK takes a tour of the latest installation of the German artist's work, and takes a ride down a giant slide.

Technology october 24, 2011

How To Get Your Analogue Photos To Look Like Instagram Filters [Infographic]

A reverse graphic that tells you how to get from digital to analogue film effects.

Advertising september 8, 2011

The Rise of Shopping Sites: Valet Mag’s Shopping Engine

Online shopping is getting better and better everyday. Valet Mag's newest feature, 'The Shopping Engine,' aggregates sale items and other goods from virtually any retail website.

Advertising september 8, 2011

Paul Smith Designs Concept Posters For Gary Oldman Film

Paul Smith designed a series of four silk-screen posters for the release the film, 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,' creating a new style of filmic publicity.

Advertising july 23, 2011

‘The Vaccines’ Create First-Ever Music Video On Instagram

The UK band takes content sharing to the next level by creating their latest video from crowdsourced fan photos of music festivals.

Work july 21, 2011

What’s Work Like Around The World? [Infographic]

If you've ever wondered what it's like to work in another country, this infographic by Socialcast is a good place to start.

Technology june 27, 2011

The Verbalizer: An Open Source Board for Google’s Voice Search

A new voice search addition makes Google Voice search that much more fun.

Cities june 21, 2011

ABSOLUT San Francisco: Make My Video

In the new advertising campaign from leading vodka brand consumers are offered the chance to create their own interpretation of San Francisco.


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